New Chrysler Ideas to be Revealed Chrysler Airflow Vision

There will be several new models and notable upgrades to the FCA models. These concepts will be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. This is where we expect to enjoy the announcement of the new plug-in hybrid models. Along with the debut of the North American version of the Fiat Centoventi concept. We also hope o see the new Chrysler Airflow Vision concept, which has a familiar name and a slippery shape for you to admire. This new model has a streamlined and distinctive looking product that reaches back to the 1930s to a model that had the same name.

The Airflow has More

Other than the rounded and streamlined shape of the Chrysler Airflow Vision, you’ll see a car that has wheel covers that are translucent to show off the big, copper-accented wheels underneath. Overall, this new Chrysler model gives you a modern look that’s a bit generic compared to the bold original models that we saw in the early days of this brand. This new and contemporary EV offers an aerodynamic shell, although this model is simply a concept for now.

The Technology Under this Chrysler

When you peel back the pearly white exterior of the Chrysler Airflow, you’ll find technology that is both futuristic and contemporary. The interior shows you seats mounted on pedestals. These seats are bathed in suede and leather and the dashboard is minimalistic and curvy. The interior shows off several screens to give you further insight into the vehicle’s status and much more.

The Screens with the Info You Want

The screens of the Chrysler Airflow give you the information you want with dual displays for infotainment and climate controls. You’ll find a small instrument screen behind the steering wheel. The passenger also has a screen to make sure they can have the entertainment. Your passengers will be able to swipe to different apps and menus. The apps that will be accessible have yet to be released. We are hoping for more info at CES.

Power Isn’t Covered Yet

The power for the Chrysler Airflow Vision hasn’t been solidified yet, but it could share the powertrain with the Pacifica Hybrid. It offers you a V6 engine and an electric motor with a battery pack to make sure you can have the drive you want. This might preview the electrified AWD design to make sure you can have the ride and the power you want. More information will be offered as we get closer to the Consumer Electronics Show. This new vehicle will be presented to us to give us an idea of what the future will bring.


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