Smooth Driving in the Genesis G90 Sedan

Smooth Driving in the Genesis G90 Sedan

If you’re looking for a great vehicle to take out on the road and enjoy for the drive, the Genesis G90 is the perfect machine for you.

This car may carry a new name to the market, but it’s an amazing luxury sedan that will allow you and your family to have a drive that’s smooth, elegant, and impressive when it comes to the qualities offered. You need to get behind the wheel and take a drive in this car to see how it can become the model that has exactly what you’re looking for when you drive.

A Cabin Filled With Comforts

The Genesis G90 is a car that has the luxury details you need in every area of the vehicle. You’ll be able to sit back and experience a cockpit that’s elegant, smooth, visually appealing, and filled with the latest technology in this car. The Lexicon 17-speaker audio system is amazing, and the active safety features offered make it easy to have the pleasure of riding around in a car that makes a huge difference for you when you take a drive on the road. All you’ll need is one test drive and you’ll be hooked on the G90 sedan.

Power for Days in the G90

Can a V6 engine be made powerful enough to handle the 4717 pounds that are what the G90 offers? If it’s a 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that brings you 365 horsepower, it certainly can be. This car, although large and imposing, is capable of reaching sixty mph in only 5.2 seconds, despite the weight. Of course, you can opt for the V8 engine that’s offered and increase your power level to a full 420 horsepower for the drive. Either way, you’ll have an eight-speed automatic transmission that works perfectly and gives you the shifting feeling you want.

Handling that Feels Right in the G90

While the Genesis G90 is a car that hasn’t added any handling improvements to what you would normally receive with most vehicles. This is a car that offers you the steering you want and the Sport mode that makes a difference when you’re out on the road and ready to have a bit more excitement when you drive. This car is smooth, easy to maneuver, and quiet on the road when you take it out and let it become the car that gives you everything you’re looking for.

Buy it for the Ride

You don’t buy a large luxury sedan for the fuel mileage, you buy it for the comfort and the ride quality you can enjoy. The Genesis G90 delivers perfectly on both of these and will make it possible for you to have an even more enjoyable experience behind the wheel than you would expect in a car you don’t already know. Forget about those other luxury names and large sedans that have been around forever, take the G90 out for a spin and let it become the perfect car for you to drive today.

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