2020 BMW – Excellent Driving at Your BMW Dealer

One of the most highly respected and sought after brands in the automotive market is the BMW brand. This is the name you’ve known for the active drive and athletic feeling you want at a higher level of quality and driving on the roads in your area. When you want style, driving performance, and a long list of features, the BMW name is what you want. Let the team at your local BMW dealer help you figure out which 2020 BMW model is the right one for you to start driving and get out on the roads today.

A Few Great Cars at BMW

As a luxury brand, sometimes, the BMW lineup will skip a year on a model or offer models later in the year. That’s the case with the BMW sedans that you’ll find for your drive. The 2020 models that are preset at your BMW dealer right now include the 3 Series, 4 Series, and 7 Series cars. These three make it easy for you to have some of the most impressive vehicles that can be found for your drive. Choose the Ultimate Driving Machine and let the M3 be the car you take home and enjoy on the road.

SUVs are What You’ll See

The current automotive market is littered with SUVs of all shapes and sizes to give you plenty of great choices when you’re looking for the vehicle that you’ll want to drive. Your local BMW dealer can show you a list of several different SUV models that do much more than just act as the utilitarian people movers that you’re used to. The range of BMW SUVs spans the market from a subcompact model that feels more like a small coupe to a larger and impressive SUV that can haul a boat and carry your family with you.

The Small Side of the 2020 BMW SUVs

If you’re looking for a compact or subcompact crossover SUV to be the right one for you, the folks at your local BMW dealer can show you a few that you’ll be glad to see. The BMW X1, X2, and X3 are all excellent choices and can be the right vehicles for your driving pleasure. The X1 and X2 are both coupe-like and active models while the X3 fits in with many of the compact models that you see from other brands while giving you the BMW driving dynamics you love.

A Middle Ground for 2020 BMW SUVs

Look to the middle models of the BMW SUV lineup at your local BMW dealer and you’ll have the X4 and X5. The X4 is an SUV that’s sporty and similar to a coupe while the X5 is a midsize crossover model that can be right for you to have the drive you want. Load up either of these models with the stuff you need to take with you and enjoy the quality feel that can be great for you when you take a drive. Which SUV will be the right one for you?

Going Bigger with the 2020 BMW

The largest and most impressive of the BMW SUVs you’ll find at your local BMW dealer are the X6 and X7. These two have the most features and can give you the roomiest cabins for the ride you want to enjoy. The X6 brings you the feeling of smooth luxury and elegance with the shape that’s aggressive and ready to give you some excitement on the road. Load the family in the BMW X7 and let it become the vehicle that you drive and enjoy for your everyday driving needs.

A Sports Car at BMW

The BMW Z4 is a new version of the sports car that you want to experience and enjoy when you take a drive on the road. This car can be fun at the track but will be something special when you take it out on the open country roads or along a canyon trail. Let the team at your BMW dealer make it easier for you to have the fun you want and the athletic driving feeling that you can enjoy every day in the BMW Z4 that you’ll love showing off when you take it home.


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