Will There Be More Options for the Ford Raptor?

We love the Ford F-150 Raptor. This truck signifies the best in off-road pickup truck driving. You won’t find a more powerful truck to take on the trails or one that has as many great ways to make the ride right for you. Currently, the Raptor is only offered with one layout and one powertrain, but with the Ford F-150 lineup being revamped in the upcoming model years, there’s a good chance the Raptor will have more options to allow more of us to enjoy the fun and active side of the Raptor.

Could There be a Specialized Tailgate from Ford

Other truck brands have found a way to add a specialized tailgate to the rear of their trucks to give us a variety of ways to make them work. A recent artist rendering of what the Ford Raptor could offer gives us a look at a tailgate that has a pair of cutouts to accommodate two dirt bikes with the tailgate closed. This could be a huge improvement in the Raptor that’s offered with a short-bed layout. Looking at this rendering, you might think there could be other tailgate options offered as well.

What Other Items Could Change in the Raptor

The tailgate area of the Ford F-150 Raptor is only one area that might change when looking at what the artist, Mo Aoun, has in mind for this truck. The rendering offered gives us a ton of body cladding to offer more protection to areas of this truck that would normally get hit by branches, rocks, and other debris you find on the trails. The depictions offered kept some of the classic features including the large FORD wordmark across the grille, the 12-spoke wheels, and the massive tires.

Could There be More Choices for this Ford

While you might be able to choose a variety of different features for the Ford Raptor, the most important place where we might see an improvement and an upgrade to what this truck offers is under the hood. It’s been suggested that the new model of the Raptor could use three engines which is two more than we have now. This would allow you to have the power plant you want and enjoy the right power and price for the driving you want to do whenever you get behind the wheel.

Look Forward to a new Raptor

If Ford were to take the Raptor to a level where you have a variety of options and choices, it just might become a sub-brand of the Ford F-150 truck lineup. While that’s probably a long way off, it’s a lot of fun to think about what the new Ford Raptor might be and what it could give us for the drive. If Ford uses any of the items from the renderings, we might be in store for the most impressive version of the Raptor that’s ever been created when we what Ford gives us in the Raptor we buy in the future.

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