Ken Block’s Impressive Stunts

Ken Blocks Impressive Stunts

One of the most famous stunt drivers in the world is Ken Block. He has put together videos of driving fun, jumping amazement, and has found ways to push his vehicles to the max in every one of the action-packed Gymkhana videos that have been put together.

If you want some amazing viewing pleasure that will get your heart pumping as you see what Ken Block can do with his super tuned Ford Focus, this is the series you want to see and admire. What he can do in a car is something special and amazing without a doubt.

Of course, you can’t pull off the tricks and stunts that Block does without some planning, preparation, and perfect timing. In the ninth version of this series we see him be able to pull off some amazing stunts including a run in front of a train that appears to be approaching the crossing at full speed. It would be one thing to see Block drive in a straight line across the tracks, but he takes his car and drifts it at high speeds to cross just in front of the train before the train reaches the crossing.

Planning, Preparation, and Precision

In order to pull off a stunt of this nature, a lot of practice and planning has to go into what to do and how fast to go during the run. The train on the tracks is being driven at a constant speed, which means it’s easy to predict when the train will reach the crossing. This leaves all the challenges to making this stunt work and has it pulled off the way it needs to be on Block himself. The conductor of the train is told when to start to drive and gets moving down the track and then Block makes his run.

With cameras on and a variety of angles chosen to capture the action, the director of the series tells the train operator and Block when they need to begin their runs so that the timing can be perfect. The precision is all up to Ken Block to make sure he can ride hard and push hard toward the track to pass in front of the train with only a second or two of time to spare during his drifting jump that rockets him across the tracks sideways in a fashion that only Ken Block can perform.

The video below shows you some of the behind the scenes footage that’s been released by Ford Performance to let you see and enjoy what this ride across the tracks entailed. Take a look and enjoy the video and what it offers for our amusement and entertainment in precision timing that had to take place in order to make this run a reality.


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