Ford Ranger or Jeep Gladiator: Which Truck is Right for You

Ford Ranger or Jeep Gladiator: Which Truck is Right for You

When looking for the truck that can give you the fun you want in a midsize model, consider the Jeep Gladiator or the Ford Ranger.

These two midsize trucks are powerful, active, and ready to make driving right when you want to have an adventure out on the roads and trails. Choose the right one for you to have the drive that makes sense and start to experience what it means to have the performance you want to enjoy.


Both the Jeep Gladiator and the Ford Ranger have a single powertrain for the drive that you can make wherever you go. The Ford has a 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine that makes 270 horsepower and 310 lb.-ft. of torque while the Jeep Gladiator brings you a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine that brings you 285 horsepower and 260 lb.-ft. of torque.

As you can see, each of these two trucks has its own power advantage over the other to give you the choice you want for your drive.

Cargo Capacity

The Ford Ranger is offered with either a SuperCab or a SuperCrew model to give you the bed that you want for the drive. The SuperCrew model brings you a bed that measures 61 inches long and 61.4 inches across while being 43.3 cubic feet in size.

The Jeep Gladiator only has one bed size which gives you 35.5 cubic feet of cargo size. The Ranger has a larger bed to carry more stuff when you need to fill it up and make use of the payload offered for one of these midsize trucks.

Towing Capacity

The power found under the hood of these two trucks gives you the towing and carrying ability you need. The Ford Ranger gives you the payload limit of 1,560 pounds and 7,500 pounds of towing to make sure you can pull a trailer with the stuff you need to take with you.

The Jeep Gladiator makes it possible for you to carry 1,160 pounds in the bed while towing up to 7,000 pounds in the trailer that you can take with you wherever you need to go. Both have good numbers, but the Ford has more capability when it comes to being a truck.

Interior Space

The Jeep Gladiator has more interior room than the Ford Ranger with an advantage of eight inches of more length in the cab to give you the roominess you want when you take a drive. You’ll have more legroom in the Gladiator than in the Ford Ranger, even in the SuperCrew model of this truck.

The overall difference in the size of the cabin is 103 cubic feet for the Gladiator compared to 97.6 cubic feet of room for the Ford Ranger SuperCrew model. You’ll feel a huge difference when you take a drive in either of these trucks.

Features and Technology

The Ford Ranger brings you the benefits of the Ford CoPilot 360 suite of safety features which gives you lane-keeping assist and automatic braking, it also gives you heated leather seats, an eight-inch infotainment screen, dual-zone climate controls, and built-in Wi-Fi.

The Gladiator brings you the off-road package you want with Fox monotube shocks, locking differentials and upgrades that can be added to give you leather seats and a better infotainment system. You’ll be pleased with the comfort and technology offered in the Jeep Gladiator but will find more of what you normally want to enjoy in the Ford Ranger.

Find the Right Truck Today

It’s nearly impossible to deny the Jeep off-road style and prowess of the Jeep Gladiator that can be the right midsize truck for you. Of course, you can find the features you want to be able to handle the trails and fun you’re looking for in the Ford Ranger with the FX4 package.

Find the right truck for you to have the drive you’re after and the power that makes sense to you by visiting the Jeep or the Ford dealership in your area today.

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