Car Donations are More than Just a Tax Deduction

Car Donation

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others? Are you looking for a way to get rid of your old car and benefit from it?
Rather than taking your car to the junkyard or trading it for little to no money at a dealership, considering one of the car donations programs in your area. You’ll receive a certificate for a tax deduction that you’ll take when you file your taxes next year. There is a program that can be right for you.

How Can Your Car Make a Difference?

If you choose one of the various car donations programs in your area, you want to know how your car will make a difference for you and others. If you donate your car to a place that’s going to have it crushed and take the monetary value of the metal, the tax deduction you’ll receive will be minimal. On the other hand, if you donate to a different program, your old car could make a huge difference.

Enter: The Newgate School

The Newgate School is one of the car donations programs in your area and they will be more than happy to take your old car off your hands. They don’t use your old car only for the metal value. Instead, this team will make good use of your old car and let it have a new life if possible. You need to let this school get to work to help your car make a difference.

The Tax Deduction at Newgate

Because your old car is going to be used for more than just the metal value, you will receive a larger tax deduction when you donate it to the Newgate School. This school has experts on staff that can process the paperwork for you and help make sure you have the greatest value when its time to file your taxes. Even if your old car doesn’t run, you will have the benefits of a tax deduction when you take advantage of the car donations program.

A Bit About this School

You might wonder what the Newgate School is. This is a school that teaches automotive maintenance and repair skills. The students of the school are never charged anything for the tuition because the school is self-sustaining. Since 1982 the Newgate School has been training low-income students in the field of automotive repair and maintenance. The technicians you trust to work on your vehicle might be graduates of this school.

What Happens to Your Car?

Take advantage of the car donations program at the Newgate School and let them take your old car off your hands. This school has three ways to use your old car and will offer you a tax deduction certificate that can make it easy for you to file your taxes and reduce your liability at the end of the year. Your old car will be used for a variety of things when you donate it to the school and let them do what they need to with it.

Car Donations for Training Tools

No matter the condition of the car you donate, the team at the Newgate School will use it to train their students. If you have a car that doesn’t operate, the instructors will work to figure out what’s wrong with it and see if it can be repaired and used on the road again. Even if it can’t be fixed, students can learn from it and figure out what troubles your old car had so they can look for these issues in the future.

A New Ride for Someone Else

When you make one of the car donations to the Newgate School, your old car could be used to truly aid the school. If the car only needs a bit of maintenance and a few of the consumable items replaced, the school will perform this work and then sell the car at auction to be a new ride for another owner. You will receive the greatest amount for your car donation and the school will gain more money that will help continue the self-sustaining aspect of this school.

Single Mothers Need Your Car Donations

The Newgate School is part of the Wheels for Women program. This program provides reliable, running vehicles to single mothers that need a car. Many of these women rely on busses and cabs to get to work and to take kids to appointments. With your car donations, these women can finally have a vehicle that will take them wherever they need to go. You get to have a tax deduction and these women receive a vehicle they can trust for a long time.

Let Your Car Live Again

Would you like to see your old car have a new life? Make one of the car donations to the Newgate School and let the students and faculty of this school make the most use of your old car. You get to enjoy the benefits of a tax deduction and the school can use your car as a training tool for the students. If your old car can be fixed, you might see it on the roads in your area with a new owner behind the wheel.

Get an Easy Tax Deduction

You want to have a tax deduction that comes from donating your old car to a worthy cause. The challenges that you hear have to do with completing the title work needed to have car ownership transferred from you to the organization you’re donating the vehicle to. Thankfully, the team at the Newgate School can make this easy for you. Experts in title work are part of the staff and will complete the process for you.
Choose the right organization so that you can maximize your car donations tax deduction at the end of the year. The Newgate School is ready for you to give them your old car and let them use it as a training tool, a source of income, or as a donation to a single mother who needs a car to drive.

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