VW Reveals Plans for a New EV Truck


The Volkswagen plan to introduce a large selection of EV models is taking some interesting turns. With the plan to have 75 pure electric models by 2029 and 60 models that are either hybrid or plug-in hybrid models, the VW Group has lofty goals. One of the areas where VW will likely add a new vehicle that will give us the drive we want and the power we need is the truck market. The Volkswagen Group has plans to give us an all-electric truck for the power needed for a great drive.

Which Truck Could Become the new VW EV Truck

One of the VW Group board members, Thomas Ulbrich, is looking at the Volkswagen Rivian as the truck that might be the one that’s altered to become an EV model. This might be the model that works to build up an all-electric pickup that will be used in many areas of the world. Currently, we don’t have the Rivian in the US, but that could change in the near future.

Another Possibility is the Amarok

The research and investigation into electric powertrains also bring the VW Amarok to the forefront. Because of a recent agreement with Ford, the future of the Amarok is in the hands of Ford and not Volkswagen. This partnership began in 2019 and part of it has Fordsupplying VW with a truck that will be the second-generation of the Amarok. So far, rumors have surfaced that an all-electric Ranger could be the new Amarok.

Adding Hybrid Models to the Mix

In addition to the VW EV truck models we might see soon, the Ford supplied version of the Ranger/Amarok could be offered as a hybrid or plug-in hybrid instead of as an electric model. This would work great with the plan to give us more vehicles in the hybrid class as well. Its more practical to have a truck that’s a hybrid because of the charging time of batteries, which could make a midsize VW hybrid truck a good option.

Other Uses for the MEB Platform

The Volkswagen team has a lot of plans for the MEB platform which supports all of the hybrid and EV models. There are plans to have cars that slot below the ID.3 which is currently the smallest of the MEB-based cars in the class. We should see the first of these small cars in 2023 or 2024, according to Ulbrich. There might also be a small car called the ID.1 that shows up in 2025 with the concept model being offered in 2023 to give us a look at the future.

Adding a VW EV Truck Expands the Plan

We will see a large number of EV, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid models showing up over the next several years from the Volkswagen Group. One or more of these models will likely be a VW EV truck which will have the power and performance to help you get things done. The future of Volkswagen is in the electric powertrains and technology that will arrive over the next decade.

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