The Major Changes Coming to Ford

The Major Changes Coming to Ford

There have been rumors over the past few months that Ford is going to offer fewer vehicles over the next few years.

Does this mean we’ve seen the end of Ford? Not at all, this is an automaker that not only offers us a large number of amazing vehicles that we love to drive but it’s a global giant in the industry. Ford is, however, going to make changes based on sales and begin to look toward some vehicles that we tend to gravitate toward while leaving the slow-selling models behind.

Changing the Ford Lineup

What does this mean for the Ford lineup? By 2022, we will only see two cars offered on the market from Ford. these two will be the Mustang, which we love to drive with the excitement and fun we want to have, and the Focus Active. The Fusion, Taurus regular Focus, and Fiesta will no longer be offered as this brand looks to put its energy and focus into crossovers and pickup trucks rather than these cars that cost a lot to build and end up only selling in small numbers only to be sold at discounts later in the model year.

What is the Focus Active

Over the next few years, the transition will take place and the all-new Focus Active will be introduced as a small crossover SUV that will arrive next year which actually means Ford will be down to one car on the market. This decision came about because of our preference for crossovers and with the development of fuel efficiency in the crossover market, it’s easy to see how many customers would gravitate toward crossovers and away from sedans and coupes that don’t offer the same level of comfort or versatility in the cabin.

Other Plans from Ford

Another reason Ford is going to reduce its lineup is to put more focus into different propulsion technologies which will allow it to develop more hybrid and EV models going forward. The promise from Ford is to have sixteen electrified vehicles over the next few years to have a full lineup by 2022 to make sure we can have the models we want on the road. These hybrid and EV models will include a version of the Mustang and F-150 that will easily help offer us more excitement and capability when it’s time to have the drive needed on the road or out at the track.

Engaging Changes at Ford

The new version of the Fiesta wasn’t slated for North America, but the Focus was somewhat expected to be offered for a longer time, but now it will be gone from the market in its regular form. We’ll see how this change in the North American market affects Ford, but it should create a more engaging lineup of vehicles that we want to drive along with several that will be friendly to the environment that should give us an excellent set of options when it’s time to choose a Ford to enjoy on the roads starting in 2022.

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