Hyundai Santa Fe Sport – Is the Right One Waiting for You?

The name of the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport has been retired and is no longer offered as a new version of the venerable SUV. Today, we only have the regular Santa Fe, which has replaced the Sport version while the Palisade replaces the larger model of the Santa Fe in the lineup. Even so, if you want one of the Santa Fe Sport models to drive, you can find a used version prior to the 2019 model year to give you the drive you want to enjoy.

Added Upgrades

If you find a version of the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport from 2017 or 2018, it will have the upgraded body that was added. This model received new headlights, new rear lights, and the option of LED daytime running lights to give you the look you wanted to enjoy. A new drive selector was added for steering to make sure you could have the setting you wanted when you took a drive.

The Santa Fe Sport Offers Peppy Acceleration

The sportiness of a smaller build with the power of a larger SUV is part of what made the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport so attractive. This SUV uses a four-cylinder engine that makes 240 horsepower to give you the lively power you want and the impressive drive you’re looking for. There’s plenty of on-demand power to bring the acceleration you need when going up hills or merging into traffic during your drive.

The Driving Experience is Customized in the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport

This SUV brings you a three-level drive mode selector to give you more control over the steering experience when you get behind the wheel. This system is made to match the overall sportiness of the vehicle with a sport mode to give you the aggression you want. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of the normal and eco modes that vary the driving for you.

Admire the Smooth Performance

When you combine the zippy engine of the Santa Fe Sport with the six-speed automatic transmission, you have an SUV that offers a smooth ride. This transmission uses Shiftronic technology for the ultimate smooth ride. You’ll love the way the drive feels when you take this SUV out on the road.

The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is Rugged and Reliable

The frame of the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is made to be sturdy and gives you the rugged reliability you need when you take a drive. This SUV has a unique suspension for the fun you want during your ride. You’ll have a smoother ride on bumpy roads to feel the way you want when you’re ready to take a ride.

Enjoy the Versatile Interior Space Offered

The seats of the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport can be stowed easily away so that you can have a completely open area in the rear of the SUV. This will give you the room you need for the stuff you need to take with you for some fun in the wilderness, bringing things home from the store, or for the gear that your kids need to take to their activities. Make use of this area and let the versatility make a difference for you during your drive.

The Interior Is Packed with Features

One of the claims to fame for the Hyundai brand is the inclusion of more standard features than any other brand. The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is filled with the items you want. From the safety that you’ll enjoy to the infotainment offered, you’ll have the connection you’re looking for and the drive you want in this SUV. Stop in and see how impressive this model can be when you see your local Hyundai dealer.

The Safety is Unmatched

Get ready to feel secure when you drive the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. This SUV gives you the benefits of pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, a 360-degree camera system, and blind-spot monitoring. These are the starting items that will help you with the drive. You could find a higher trim level that adds more to the mix to make sure you feel secure when you take this SUV out on the roads for a drive.

The Warranty of the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport is Amazing

Because the final year for this SUV was 2018, you can find some models that might still have some of the factory warranty offered for you. When the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport was brand new, it was offered with a five-year/60,000-mile standard warranty and a ten-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty to give you the coverage you want to enjoy during your drive.

See Everything At Night

The drive you make at night is only made right if you have bright headlights to give you the visibility you need when you’re on the road. The Hyundai Santa Fe Sport has adaptive headlights that make it easy for you to see everything. When you approach a turn or curve, the sensors on the steering wheel move the lights to the curve to light the path to where you’re going.

The Controls are Simplified for You

The digital display of the Hyundai Santa Fe is brilliant and easy to use with organized menus and the precision you want to see when you take a drive. You’ll also enjoy control knobs that are placed in the right way to make sure you can have the right way to control items in the vehicle during your drive. Enjoy the use of these controls and know that you have what you’re looking for.

Find Your Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Today

After learning about all the positive attributes that make the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport a great vehicle to drive, you’ll want to find the model that gives you the feeling you want. Visit your local Hyundai dealer and see how easy it is for you to bring this SUV home and begin to let it be the vehicle that you want to enjoy. This little Hyundai is fun and active on the road.


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