California, Surfing, and Jeep; Can You Think of a Better Scene?

California, Surfing, and Jeep; Can You Think of a Better Scene?

The romantic feeling of driving a Jeep Wrangler out to the beach with your surfboard on top is an amazing feeling indeed.

Whether its an opening scene to a show, a commercial, or a movie, the flowing waves from the ocean that lap up on the beach along with the settings offered make it easy for us to decide this was the place to go. Using a Jeep Wrangler to get there only seems fitting as the vehicle that can easily make it to the beach.

An Amazing Surfing Event Featuring Jeep

Recently, an event took place in California that featured the relaxed fun competition of surfing along with the personality and sponsorship of Jeep. The recent World Surfing League Founders’ Cup of Surfing was held at the WSL Surf Ranch in Lemoore, CA during the first weekend of May. This location is perfect for the event with its man-made and controlled wave that spans 700 yards. This high-performance bi-directional wave features barrel seconds and maneuver sections to give surfers the perfect place to test their skills and showcase their talents without the unpredictability of the natural waves found in the ocean.

What makes surfing and Jeep great partners together? Both the WSL and the Jeep brand share an affinity for extreme enthusiasts that want to find the adventure that’s waiting out there. With this in mind, the scene at the event features the incredible competition of surfing on the waves while also featuring a laid back and beach style of entertainment to offer the cultural experience that comes with what surfing has been part of since it began. Jeep showed off a bit of technology at the event with some on-site virtual reality experiences that were loved and admired by those in attendance.

Competing for the Prize

One of the prizes at the event was a new Jeep Wrangler. This award went to the surfer with the best individual score at the end of the full two days of competition. Five teams came to compete at this event from the US, Brazil, Australia, Europe, and one team that represented the rest of the World. Each team was made up of three men and two women surfers from the elite WSL Championship Tour. While these surfers competed, those who came to watch were able to enjoy food, music, beverages, art, and some special guests that were also in attendance.

If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy the spirit of California next spring, look for this event to take place. This annual event is one that you’ll want to attend and enjoy the surfing, the partnership with Jeep, and the atmosphere that’s truly a California feeling. We’ve all thought about and dreamed that we might be able to experience a fun ride on the waves or heading to a remote beach in our Jeep Wrangler; this event showcases some of the world’s greatest talents that make this lifestyle a reality every day.

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