Buying Cars for Style and Not Miles

Buying Cars for Style and Not Miles

Some cars are purchased to be looked at and admired without being given the chance to showcase their potential.

Unfortunately, the cars that are built with the highest level of performance are the same ones that are purchased and not driven as often. While this could be a good thing for you if you’re looking for an older collector or performance car to buy from someone who has kept it in a garage for a long time, many will want owners to let these cars loose and put some miles on them.

These are the Cars Driven the Least

Ford Mustang Coupe

Ford Mustang

As one of the most admired and loved sports cars on the market, the Mustang is one you see on the roads often. Even though Ford has built this car to be used for fun it still shows up as one that’s only driven an average of 8,990 miles per year. this is 21.3 percent lower than the average miles put on a vehicle in the US.

BMW 6 Series Coupe


This car may be a shock because you don’t expect it to be one that’s looked at as a collector car, but it seems this is a car that isn’t driven as many miles as the average vehicle on the road. For that, I say owners of this car need to get out and drive. The average miles driven for this car is 8,895 per year, which is 22.2 percent below the average.

Ford Mustang Convertible


C’mon people, drive your cars. You didn’t buy the Ford Mustang convertible just to look at it in your garage and if the weather is bad, put the top up and drive. Let this pony run and have some fun. Stop limiting the miles driven per year to 8,457 which is 26 percent below average. This car wants to get out and show off on the road, give it what it wants.

BMW 6 Series Convertible

BMW 6 Series

It’s a serious travesty that this elegant luxury car is only driven an average of 7,692 miles per year. This is well below the annual average at a mark of 32.7 percent lower than the average number of miles driven. Get out and take a drive in your car. If you’ve leased it, make sure you don’t leave any unused miles on the table when it’s time to return it for a new one.

Mazda MX-5 Miata Convertible


This car makes no sense on this list. The Miata is small, active, energetic, and fun. It’s everything you want it to be and it can be a car that you use for your daily commute without offending it. There’s no reason for this car to only be driven an average of 6,927 miles per year which is 39.4 percent below the average number.

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class Convertible


Let’s get this right. You spent a large amount of money that it takes to make this gorgeous convertible the car you drive but you don’t actually want to drive it. That makes no sense, but this sleek and stylish car has driven an average of 6,217 miles per year which is 45.6 percent below the average on the market. Get this car on the road and put some miles on it today.

Chevrolet Corvette Coupe



This car doesn’t surprise me much at all. The Corvette is the American supercar and it should be reserved for the track or for a cruise on the weekends. The average number of miles put on the odometer of the Corvette is 4,939 miles which is 56.8 percent below the average. So far, this is the only car on this list that makes sense to have a low number of miles.

Porsche 911 Coupe


Although there seems to be more of these cars on the road than in the past, the fact the number of miles is low doesn’t surprise me for this car. The Porsche 911 coupe is a car that you want to show off at special times and it’s only driven an average of 4,637 miles per year which comes out to 59.4 percent below the average.

Porsche 911 Convertible


While I understand the coupe of this car being saved for the track or only being taken out on special days, this one needs to be driven. If the sun is out, this Porsche convertible should be on the road showing off its wares to let us admire it. Instead, the average miles driven per year is 4,523 which is 60.4 percent below average.

Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

Buying Cars for Style and Not Miles

Let’s get something straight; if you buy a convertible you need to show it off and let it be the car you drive when the sun is out. There’s no excuse for this car to only have an average of 4,365 miles on the odometer per year which is 61.8 percent below the average. Take your Corvette out for a drive and let the wind whip through your hair.

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