The Banshee Just Went Through an Auction

The Banshee Just Went Through an Auction

One of the most popular cars in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, the Banshee, has just been auctioned off, giving this icon a new owner.

One of the most romantic aspects of a marriage between video games and the automotive industry is when a car that we get to play with inside a video game is able to come to life. For those of us old enough to remember the movie Weird Science, this is certainly the automotive equivalent of a model coming to life to become part of what we want to enjoy when it’s time to drive.

Grand Theft Auto Makes it Real

As the popularity of video games has grown, those who love to play them often have their own niche of games they like to play. Auto racing games are among the most popular on the market and most of the games you can find to play bring about several different vehicles that can be enjoyed when you’re ready to play and experience the fun. Most of these cars are built in the game in such a way that they could never be realistic, but one car has been built and is real.

The Banshee Story

The Banshee is a Dodge Viper-inspired car that made its first appearance in Grand Theft Auto III and it has been included in every installment of the game since. This car is a front-engine sports coupe that has helped the game gain a cult following and one was even built to be part of a contest that was put on by GameStop a few years ago. This Banshee was built by West Coast Customs and it’s certainly one that’s highly desirable and a car that can be an excellent addition to any collection.

The Build of the Banshee

The recreation of the Banshee from GTA V was auctioned off at the Mecum’s Monterey auction on August 23rd. This vehicle is based on a 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10 and is an extremely accurate replica of what you see in the video game. This car was inspired by the ZB Dodge Viper with a long hood, side-exit exhaust, and short rear deck. The Banshee shows up with only 8,300 miles on the odometer and has Banshee exterior and interior badging and a reupholstered interior to be a car that is a singular prize that the auction winner can show off.

Maybe it Will be Driven

The sad part of this story is that we might never see the Banshee again, at least not until the new owner chooses to auction it off. Of course, the new owner could put several thousand more miles on this car and enjoy what it has to offer on the track or on the road, but that’s not expected. It’s more likely this car will end up in a collection and be shown off as a prize that this gaming fan will show off to their friends and family as their own way of making Weird Science a reality.

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