Compact Honda Counterparts Compared

In previous decades, we saw counterparts of cars from Ford and GM in large numbers. These models usually came to use with the same basic build and features while being advertised and branded under different brands. Today, we see counterparts in the form of compact Honda crossover SUVs that are built on the same platforms as the cars from many brands. A pair from Honda that shares a platform is the Honda Fit and Honda HR-V. These two models use the same basic underpinnings but have several differences. Let’s take a look at the similarities and the differences between these two models.

An Interesting Compact Honda Comparison


The Honda Fit uses a single-engine which is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder model that makes 130 horsepower and 114 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine can be mated to either a six-speed manual or CVT automatic and it offers you an impressive level of fuel mileage.

The Honda HR-V offers you a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that only uses a CVT automatic transmission. This SUV gives you 141 horsepower and 127 lb.-ft. of torque for the drive. Of course, the larger of the two vehicles has the larger engine and more power, which is expected since the HR-V is the SUV of the two.

Fuel Mileage

One of the key factors in buying the small and active Honda Fit is the fuel efficiency offered. This car gives you 29 city/36 hwy mpg with the manual and 33 city/40 hwy mpg when you choose the CVT as the transmission you use.

The Honda HR-V is built to give you a higher ride and the fuel mileage is certainly reduced compared to the Fit. You’ll have 27 city/31 hwy mpg when you choose the HR-V. The more efficient model is the one with the smaller engine, which is the Honda Fit.

Cabin Space

The roominess you’ll find in the Honda Fit will surprise you. This car is callable of giving you the comfort you need with 41/4 inches of legroom up front and 39.3 inches of room for your legs in the rear of the Fit.

Choose the Honda HR-V and you’ll have 41.2 inches of legroom in the front and the legroom in the rear is the same as in the Honda Fit. The biggest difference you’ll find in these two models is the fact that you’re going to have additional cargo room in the HR-V.

Cargo Capacity in These Compact Honda Models

Moving to one of the most important items on the list, the cargo room you’ll find in the Honda Fit measures 16.6 cubic feet of space behind the rear seat. Fold-down the seats and this area measures 52.7 cubic feet, which is impressive in a small hatchback.

Choose the Honda HR-V and you’ve got 24.2 cubic feet of usable space behind the seats which increases to 58.8 cubic feet when you fold down the rear seats. The bottom line is that you can find more cargo room in the rear of the HR-V, which makes perfect sense.


Excellence is in abundance when you look at the technology of the Honda Fit. This car has the Honda Sensing suite of safety features, an excellent infotainment system, and the climate offerings you’re looking for.

The Honda HR-V also gives you the Honda Sensing suite and it brings you a seven-inch touchscreen for higher trims, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and USB ports to give you the features you’ll want when you get out on the road. These two vehicles are similar in the technology that you’ll find when you get behind the wheel, making either one a great choice for you.

The Style in These Compact Honda Models

The Honda Fit is easy to recognize as the small and active hatchback that offers you an active and aggressive style that you’ll want to enjoy when you take it on the road. The Honda HR-V borrows much of its style from the larger SUV in the lineup to look like a smaller version of the CR-V to give you the subcompact SUV you’ll want to drive.

Get behind the wheel of Honda that makes the most sense for you to drive. If you want several colors to choose from, the Honda Fit will be the fun and active choice for you, but the HR-V gives you a look we’ve loved for a long time.

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