The Purity of the Lincoln Navigator Black Label

The Purity of the Lincoln Navigator Black Label

The Lincoln Navigator has been improved. This big SUV has taken on the image of Lincoln to make sure you enjoy luxury driving the right way.

This big and brawny SUV certainly has the roominess in the cabin to offer you the comfort you want and the ability to stretch out your legs when you take a ride. At the Black Label level, this Lincoln is better than you would expect it to be, but you certainly will love what it brings to your driving experience.

Plenty of Power in a Smaller Engine

The Lincoln Navigator uses the same engine that we now see in the Ford Expedition. This engine is the 3.5-liter EcoBoost twin-turbocharged V6 engine that brings you a strong 450 horsepower and 510 lb.-ft. of torque for your drive. This powerful engine is attached to the new ten-speed automatic transmission to make it possible for you to have the shifting you want and experience an even better drive than what you’ve had in the past. This is a powertrain that makes it possible for the Navigator to be lighter while remaining powerful.

You Don’t Have to Qualify the Lincoln Navigator

When you review vehicles and drive them, you get an idea of what each one should feel like and what to expect. There’s always the “if it did this” conversations that suggest what the next version of the model should offer. That’s not the case with the new Navigator. This is an SUV that Lincoln got right and is offered with the items that we want when it’s time to get out on the road. This SUV packs all the goodies into the massive shell that’s comfortable and easy for you to experience on the roads.

The Lincoln Navigator Inspires True Luxury

The return of a fantastic large SUV from Lincoln brings in the benefits of names such as Continental, Nautilus, and Aviator as some of the trims and models that we see from the Lincoln brand. At the top of the trim lineup of the Navigator, we see the Reserve and Black Label models that provide more luxury features than you can mention in a reasonable amount of time. So far, nine out of every ten models of the Navigator that have been sold are at either the Reserve or Black Label trim level.

The Cabin Surrounds You in Luxury

The Lincoln Navigator offers you three different themes for the cabin in the Black Label trim. The Chalet theme gives you silver-hued wood trim and high-contrast leather upholstery that’s colored in light gray and espresso colors. The Yacht Club cabin brings you a white-washed teak and smoky-blue look to offer you the style and the look you want in the cabin. If you choose the Destination theme, you’re going to have khaya wood and mahogany-hued Venetian leather that makes this interior look smooth and impressive for the drive that you’ll want to enjoy.

Comfort and Roominess in the Lincoln Navigator

Every seat of the new Lincoln Navigator is comfortable and easy to love. The second row feels like it’s only missing the dashboard when compared to the front seats. Behind the rear seats, there are nearly twenty cubic feet of storage space that expands to more than 103 cubic feet when you fold the rear two rows of seats flat. If you choose the extended-length Navigator L, you’ll have a body that’s a foot longer and a wheelbase that’s expanded in length by more than nine inches to make sure you can have the size you’re looking for.

A Large SUV When You Want Lincoln Comfort

If you’re looking for the strongest and largest model from Lincoln to be the comfortable and luxurious SUV for you to drive, the new Lincoln Navigator can be a perfect choice. This SUV brings you comfort in every row of seats, the industry-leading set of seats, a strong powertrain, an absolutely beautiful interior, tons of technology, and a quiet cabin. This is an SUV that has everything you want. Look to the Black Label trim and take that luxury up a notch and enjoy the pure smoothness and joy of the drive in this SUV today.

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