Ferrari is Entering the SUV Game Very Soon

Ferrari is Entering the SUV Game Very Soon

Until recently, Ferrari has sat back and watched as the other sports car brands entered the SUV game but now they are poised to make a move.

First was Porsche, which has been a huge success with a pair of amazing SUVs, and more recently Lamborghini gave us the Urus which is an incredible mode. This gave Ferrari all the fodder needed to create their own higher riding model that comes with tons of power and the prancing horse logo.

We Don’t Know the Name Yet

So far, we aren’t sure about the final name that will be the Ferrari SUV. This new vehicle is being developed under the code name “Purosangue” which might not be the final name offered when it finally shows up. Even so, not knowing the name makes this SUV more interesting than if we had a name that we knew and could associate it with a model from the past.

Some of What We Know

The code name “Purosangue” is Italian for “thoroughbred” or “pure blood” which is something you want in a vehicle. This new crossover will use a new front-engine GT platform that will become the platform used to underpin some of the more conventional Ferrari grand touring cars in the future. This means the development of the new SUV has a broader impact than it would if it was only being made to be an SUV.

Smaller, More Efficient Power is Expected in this Ferrari

We’ve come to know the Ferrari GT models to traditionally offer 12-cylinder engines that grunt, growl, pop, and snarl with power. That feeling might be lost in the new SUV, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have the power desired. We expect to see this new model using a V8 engine with a generous amount of hybrid assistance to make sure it can scream around the track. It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if the target power was somewhere above the 641 ponies found in the Lamborghini Urus.

Why Now, Ferrari?

The successful offering of several other high-end SUVs from sports car brands means it’s time for Ferrari to get off its collected backsides and give the world another SUV. There’s plenty of market to be shared and if this brand wants to make the most money for its products, adding an SUV to the mix can only help and will make a huge difference for the brand.

The Expected Timeframe

Even though late Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne once said “You have to shoot me first” when asked if the Ferrari brand would ever have an SUV, it’s going to be a reality. In fact, you won’t have to wait too long for this SUV to arrive. Right now, the expected target date is the 2022 model year, which means you can follow the development of this new model and see if it will be right for you.

Pairing up an SUV with a sports car might be exactly what you want to do. Soon, you can have your Ferrari sports car and the new SUV sitting side-by-side in your driveway to offer an amazing view of what you love to drive.

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