Dodge Handles the One Lap You Want
Dodge Durango R/T Pursuit
This year’s 2019 Tire Rack One Lap of America Presented by Grassroots Motorsports Magazine kicks off May 4 in South Bend, Ind., and Dodge//SRT is defending the Dodge Durango SRT’s 2018 One Lap truck/SUV class title, upping its game with a new Durango SRT Pursuit concept called “Speed Trap.” (PRNewsfoto/FCA US LLC)

The Tire Rack One Lap of America is an annual cross-country race that was started by Brock Yates to bring team rives through eight states and allow them to race at seven different tracks along the way.
This race allows drivers to rack up over 3,000 miles of driving in total and the Dodge team created a special vehicle for this race. The start and finish of this race is at the Tire Rack headquarters in Indiana and the course takes drivers to some of the most impressive places around the country to celebrate racing and cars.

The Specialized Dodge

When the FCA team created the Hellcat engine and offered it in the Dodge Challenger and Charger to give us an insane level of power for the drive, we wondered where else we would see this engine. The original Hellcat engine showed up in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the newest version of this engine is being placed in a different vehicle. The new Redeye engine is being packed into the Dodge Durango to give us the one-off SUV that’s capable of making the trek around the country for this one Lap of America race.

The Durango SRT Pursuit

Dressed in police garb, this special version of the Dodge Durango is called the SRT Pursuit and it’s nicknamed “Speed Trap” and it’s certainly an insane SUV to drive. This Durango packs the Redeye engine which is a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine that makes 797 horsepower and 707 lb.-ft. of torque to give us the power we want. There is AWD present in the Durango Pursuit which splits the torque 40/60 in standard mode but in Track mode that split is 30/70 to give the driver the power needed for the track parts of this race.

An Easy Swap for this Durango

The Dodge team stated that using the Redeye engine under the hood was pretty easy. The swap of the engines was pretty basic because the Dodge Durango SRT makes use of a large V8 engine which means all the items are right where they need to be. There was enough clearance for the supercharger under the hood, making this a model that we hope Dodge will consider making for the general public in the future. For now, this new Pursuit model is made only for this one race to show off around the country.

A Few New Items for the Race

The Mopar team got involved with the project of the Dodge Durango Pursuit to add lowering springs and new wheels to the mix. There’s also a larger two-piece set of vented front brake rotors from Brembo to help this SUV stop when needed. This is one speed trap that you wouldn’t want to be caught by and it certainly could do just that with the insane level of power that comes from under the hood. This is an extremely cool way to take on this race and show off an incredible Durango around the country. Get your race started at your local Dodge dealer today, where you might find some perfect Dodge SUVs to get you going.

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