Keep Your Car in Tip-top Shape – Basic Auto Repair DIY Tips

Keep Your Car in Tip-top Shape – Basic Auto Repair DIY Tips

Preventative measures save a lot in auto repair costs, so plan to do a weekly inspection of your vehicle to see what needs to be addressed.

To increase the lifetime of your car and ensure its resale value, (should you want to sell it down the road)regular upkeep and repairs are essential. In addition to keeping to the owner’s manual maintenance schedule, there are also some basic auto repairs you can take care of yourself. Prevention is better than cure, as they say in the medical industry, and the same is true for cars. Doing routine checks on certain parts of the vehicle and cleaning and fixing as the need arises, makes good sense.

Inspect Fluids and Tire Pressure Regularly

Tire pressure is something you need to keep an eye on as good tires mean safe driving and it’s easy to check tire pressure and add air yourself. This will save money and a lot of hassle in auto repair costs in the long run, and of course, lengthen the life of your tires. You can do this in addition to having your tires rotated.

Clean Your Windshield and Replace the Wipers

A dirty windshield is not only unsightly but also dangerous, especially when you’re driving at night or in bad weather. Accumulated dirt can also cause damage when using the wipers, scratching the windshield. Check your wipers and replace them if needed as damaged wipers can also scratch the windshield.

Keep it Under Cover!

Either park your car in the garage or under a cover, to protect it from the elements and nature –strong sunlight, rain, bird droppings, and leaves can take their toll overtime on the paintwork and interior. Regular washing will also keep your car in tip-top shape but keeping it sheltered is more important.

Keep a Car-friendly Toolbox in your vehicle

You never know when you’ll need some tools for a quick side of the road repair, so always have a toolbox in your car, in addition to your jumper cables and car jack. Your toolbox should have a lug wrench, a pair of thick gloves, tire gauge, screwdrivers –Philips head and flathead, Also carry a good flashlight with extra batteries handy, and even a flare or reflective triangles in case you have to change a tire at night.

Don’t forget the interior!

Yes, also protect the inside of your carby keeping it clean and orderly. A nice-looking interior will not only add value to your car but will make driving a little more pleasant. Potential buyers will scrutinize the inside of your car if you ever want or need to sell it. Give the floors a thorough vacuum once a week, clean the inside windows, and wipe down the dashboard and other high use areas. Also, have a ‘no-drinks’ or sticky candy rule in your car, and definitely no smoking!

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