Roomy Comfort in the Nissan Altima You’ll Love to Drive

Roomy Comfort in the Nissan Altima You'll Love to Drive

The Nissan Altima is an amazing car that is the mainstream midsize sedan that has the features and items you’re looking for.

You can’t enjoy the drive in a car unless it has the right size for you to have the comfort you want and the efficiency you’re looking for.  This car is offered in several trims and it brings you a direct and dynamic feeling when you get behind the wheel. Let the Nissan Altima become the car that will take you where you want to go when it’s time for a drive every day.

Do You Need a Reason to Drive the Nissan Altima?

If you’re looking for a reason to drive the Nissan Altima, here are several to give you the confidence you need. This car has an efficient standard engine, offers available AWD, brings you comfortable seats in the front and rear, has a standard rear-seat reminder system, brings you tons of infotainment features, and it has a long list of available safety features for you to take advantage of when you drive. You’re going to fall in love with the Altima you choose whether it’s the S trim or the sporty SR model that you take home today.

Your Favorite Nissan Altima Items

Nissan has added a variety of impressive items to the Altima to make sure you can have the experience you want when you take a drive. Let’s look at what you’ll find when shopping for the Nissan Altima.

AWD System

Not every midsize sedan brings you the choice of AWD, but the Nissan Altima does. This system allows you to send up to half the power from the engine to the rear wheels to improve the traction and handling of this amazing sedan. If you want added control on the roads in your area, you’ll be glad to have this AWD system in your car.

Active Ride Control

Are you tired of a hard ride over speed bumps and other road imperfections that you find? If so, you’ll want to enjoy this feature of the Nissan Altima which automatically adjusts the engine torque and applies the brakes to eliminate body motion to make it smoother when you drive over the speed bumps and other items on the road.

Rear-Door Alert

This system is offered to give you the alert that will remind you that the rear door was opened when you got in to take a drive. The Nissan Altima offers you this alert so that you remember to retrieve the items from the rear o the car that you put there when you started your drive. You won’t leave items, a pet, or a child behind when you have this system.

Zero Gravity Front Seats

The front seats of the Nissan Altima have been inspired by NASA research to give you the comfort you want and reduce the stress and fatigue you might feel if you didn’t have them. This is an amazing addition to the qualities that you’re looking for when you choose this sedan to be the one that you want to enjoy when you take a drive.

ProPilot Assist

The safety systems offered for the Nissan Altima is called ProPilot Assist. This package of features brings you adaptive cruise control and lane-centering assist to make sure you stay where you want when you’re ready to get out on the road and take a drive. This package makes it easy for you to drive the right way in the Altima that you take out on the road.

Door-to-Door Navigation

Normally, when you use a navigation system you have directions directly to the spot you need to be. What happens if you need to park your Nissan Altima away from your final destination? The Nissan Door-to-Door Navigation function can help with this can make it easy for you to have walking directions on your smartphone from where you park to your final stop.

Find Your Nissan Altima Today

The features covered come in a variety of trims offered for the Altima. You want to make this car the sedan that you love to drive that also fits into your life the right way. Let the team at your local Nissan dealer help you figure out which Altima is the one that’s right for you.

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