2021 Ram 2500: A Mega Truck for the Big Jobs

2021 Ram 2500: A Mega Truck for the Big Jobs

When you’re looking for a great truck to help you get bigger jobs done, the Ram 2500 can be the perfect answer to what you want.

This truck is built with a strong powertrain and the quality performance you’re looking for when you need to get things done. If you want a big truck to handle off-road adventures, this is the right one to drive with the special Power Wagon model.

Excellent Muscle for Your Drive

The base engine of the Ram 2500 is bigger than nearly every other base engine in the market. You’ll have the power and strength to take a large trailer of up to19,370 pounds out for a drive when you need to take a lot of stuff to the job site or want to haul a heavy boat. The cabin of this truck is comfortable, impressive, and easy for you to experience the quality you’re looking for.

New Items for 2021 in the Ram 2500

The big size and performance of this Ram doesn’t mean it’s not a place you see upgrades every year. The 2021 version of this truck brings you a Limited Night Edition with black finished 20-inch alloy wheels and monochromatic exterior elements. If you’re looking for a version of this truck that brings you the sinister appearance you admire, this is the one for you.

Smart Towing for You in this Ram

You’ll find an optional auxiliary camera system to show what’s behind the trailer when you’re on the move. The side mirrors adjust with power to give you the view you need down the lanes and you’ll find a trailer tire pressure monitoring system and enhanced blind-spot monitoring to give you the alerts that you’ll need. Enjoy these items that make it much easier for you to pull your trailer with you.

The RamBox Innovation in the Truck You Drive

The Ram 2500 can be had with the RamBox system which gives you integrated side-bed storage bins that are lockable, drainable, and illuminated. You’ll also find a 115-volt power outlet in the bed to give you the power where you need it. The truck bed is large enough to carry 4×8-foot sheets of plywood and you can enjoy the benefits of a power tailgate that’s dampened and can be released with the key fob.

Have the Comfort You Desire in the Cab of the Ram 2500

Even though every trim level of this Ram truck has its own version of comfort and features for you to enjoy, you’ll find good quality materials such as real wood and metal at higher trims and seats that are comfortable and supportive for your drive. The Crew Cab and Mega Cab models give you tons of space for passengers to make sure your entire crew can go with you.

Exterior Elements You’ll Admire

The Ram 2500 gives you a set of narrow directional LED headlights that flank a split grille and offer you the views you want to enjoy. The Power Wagon has several dedicated styling cues to give you an unmistakably muscular American pickup truck that will be perfect for you on the trails.

Standard Items for the Ram 2500

The starting point for this truck is the regular-cab Tradesman trim with an eight-foot bed. This is the version that most fleet buyers will look to for a drive. You’ll find a bench seat in this model along with black vinyl flooring, a rearview camera, a four-speaker audio system, and the Uconnect infotainment system with a five-inch screen and Bluetooth connectivity.

You Want More from this Ram

Unless you’re only using the Ram 2500 for work you want to move up to higher trims of this truck. The bigger cabs give you more seats and more room, you can enjoy a self-leveling rear air suspension, a 360-degree camera system, a cargo-view camera, blind-spot monitoring, and forward-collision mitigation. The interior can be covered in leather, you can have a 17-speaker/750-watt Haman/Kardon audio system and enjoy an 8.4-inch Uconnect screen or go to the high-resolution 12-inch screen for this system when you choose one of the higher trims of this truck.

Make Driving Right in the Ram 2500

Enjoy the truck that’s big on power, performance, capability, and comfort when you select the Ram 2500 that you want to take home today. Visit your local Ram dealer and ask them to assist you in finding the right version of this truck to offer the drive and strength you’ll make use of every day.

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