The Production Version of the Toyota Supra Arrives

The Production Version of the Toyota Supra Arrives

Following the Toyota Supra that’s about to re-enter the market, has been a bit of a roller coaster ride but that ride is finally over.

We’ve had the slow ascent to the top of the hill of expectation with the idea that this car would be a fitting successor to the previous model. The fact that it was being co-developed with BMW has made some fall down the hill in a hurry, while others fell when they experienced the drive of the prototype model that took place in September. What you can expect is that Toyota will get this car right and have the items we want when it arrives.

Is the Ride Almost Over

One of the biggest complaints after the ride in September was the continued lack of specs that we want to discuss. Of course, this is on purpose, as the car continues to be developed and tuned to make it the right sports car to fit into the Toyota lineup. Those who had the pleasure of making the drive in this car that was shown off in Spain didn’t all leave it with the positive reception of what the car would be when it arrives.

Is the Toyota Supra too BMW for Our Liking

We know the personality of a BMW model and expect it in the new Z4, but we expect something different in the Toyota Supra. The fact that this car has been co-developed with BMW by using a BMW engine, transmission, and other items for the car. Even so, the Toyota team would like us to relax and understand they are developing the car without the input from the BMW engineers. This means we should see a fitting successor to the former Supra as the new sports car that’s a lot of fun to drive.

It’s Hard to Dislike the Supra

Even with the camouflage covering this car, we see a car with sharp lines, smooth curves, the sporty look we want to enjoy, and a feeling that we’re going to be able to love. Will this be a car that can take on the models from Porsche on the track? Does this version have the power and qualities we want to experience? Will this be a car that’s tuned right when the calibration process is completed? The ride is almost over and we will have our answers soon.

Prepare to Pull into the Station

The feeling you get when the roller coaster ride is over and you realize just how exhilarated you are in the feeling you’re about to receive for the Toyota Supra. This car will finally be shown without any of the camouflage at the Detroit Auto Show. This is when we will finally learn the specifications of this car and what it will give us on the road and at the track. The ride is almost over and we can feel the exhilaration of the end of an adventure while looking forward to when this car hits the streets in the middle part of next year as an early model year offering.

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