The Cadillac Super Cruise Update for Your CT6

The Cadillac Super Cruise Update for Your CT6

One of the closest systems we have on the market to autonomous vehicle driving is the Cadillac Super Cruise.

This system is offered in the Cadillac CT6 and it makes driving without your hands on the wheel or feet on the pedals possible for several miles at a time. Right now, this system is mapped out for more than 200,000 miles of American and Canadian roadways to give you the ease of driving that you want to enjoy when you’re heading out for a long road trip on the highway and want to relax a little bit.

More Miles in the Update

If you own a Cadillac CT6, you’re going to want to visit your nearby Cadillac dealership and have the free update added to the Super Cruise system. This update adds 70,000 more miles of mapped out roadways to give you more roads that you can travel on and know that you can relax during the drive. There are other updates offered to this system to help you have the most relaxing experience on the road that you’ve ever enjoyed. Let’s take a look at some of the other ways the Super Cruise has been updated for you.

A Much Better Driving Experience

When the Super Cruise is engaged, and you’ve added the updates offered, you will have a smoother steering experience and feel speed changes that are more like your own driving habits. This system will also move the car to one side of the lane to give larger vehicles a wider berth to get past. This will make it easier for you to feel comfortable and confident in the Super Cruise system so that you don’t get spooked and want to take over when this system could do the driving for you.

Exclusive Roadways for the Cadillac System

Right now, the Super Cruise feature is only able to give you a hands-free driving experience on divided highways. Some of the newly added roads to the 70,000 additional miles include roads with railway crossings, pedestrian crossings, and stop signs, which are all updates to this system. When you encounter one of these three situations or a road that isn’t mapped out, you’ll be required to take the controls and handle the drive of the Cadillac CT6 until the Super Cruise can take over once again. This allows you to have a safer and more controlled driving experience in this car.

More Messages for You

In addition to the updated roads and the new driving manners, the Super Cruise function has a total of fifteen new messages that can be delivered to you through the gauge cluster. This will help you know what’s going on and why the car wants you to take over or how it’s performing on its own. If you want to update your Super Cruise system, see your nearby Cadillac dealership. If you want to enjoy Super Cruise in a new model, choose the Cadillac CT6 and see what this car has for you.

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