What Can You Do with an Old Car?

Donate Car to Local Charity

Unless you’re planning to keep an old car to fix it up and show it off as a classic model, most old cars don’t have much use.
The technology of the modern era has made some cars obsolete. If you have a car that’s not quite in the classic age range but is still one you’re not going to drive any longer, it might be of even less use to you than one that is a classic-aged model. Your old car might not be much use to you, but it could be the right car for someone else.

Donate Your Old Car Today

The car you’ve stopped driving that you no longer want to take on the road could become a useful car for someone else. If you take advantage of the car donation program at the Newgate School, you’ll be able to give your car new life for the students of this school and potentially for a new family to have a car they will love to drive. This car isn’t doing anything sitting in your driveway, but it can easily become the car that offers a great experience to someone else.

How Does Newgate Use Your Car Donation?

There are three different ways the instructors and students of the Newgate School can make use of a car donation. When you bring your car to this school, they will give you a certificate of value to go along with your tax returns next year. All you need to bring is the car and the title and the staff of the Newgate School will help you make the donation process easier than you would expect. These experts are excited to get your car and put it to good use while offering you the value you’re looking for.

A Car Donation as a Training Tool

Many of the cars that are donated to the Newgate School are used during instruction. The students of the Newgate School come from low-income situations and need the proper training to learn a skill and earn gainful employment. The Newgate School is completely self-sustaining and students don’t pay for tuition or training materials. Your car donation to this local charity can be used to teach these students how to work on vehicles and help them become the next wave of automotive professionals that can work on cars in the various shops in the area.

New Life for Your Car Donation

Some of the cars that are donated to the Newgate School get to have a new life and are used in two different ways. One way these cars are used is to be donated to the Wheels for Women program. This program allows single mothers in the area to receive a car that can take them where they need to go and give them the freedom needed. The students at the Newgate School will fix up your old car and then donate it to this program to become a car that’s used by a deserving family.

A Car is Sold

The Newgate School has been self-sustaining since 1982 and continues to operate without the need to charge students any tuition. To allow this to take place, some of the cars that are donated to the school are fixed up and sold. Your car donation could be one of these cars and then become a useful form of transportation for another person. You’ll receive a larger tax deduction if your car is sold by the school. Many of these cars are sold at below-market prices, making it easier for those that buy them to afford them.

Make the Right Car Donation Today

Your old car can be used once again and offer new life for the team at the Newgate School. Whether it’s used for training, as a car to be donated to the Wheels for Women program, or as a car that will be sold, the car you bring to this school will have a new life and be used for the future. Bring your old car and the title to the team at the Newgate School and let them breathe new life into this car and offer you the largest possible tax deduction for this donation.

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