Old School Ford Bronco Driving is Coming

Ford Bronco compact offroad suv

If you’ve looked at the newest version of the Ford Bronco and thought it to be a bit of a muted version of the original, you’re in luck.
Not long ago, Ford announced they would give you a hardcore off-road version that would handle the toughest trails and give you more of the equipment you want when it’s time to get lost in the wild. This new hardcore version is called Sasquatch and it could be everything you desire.

The Original Bronco Sasquatch Announcement

When Ford first revealed they would offer a Bronco Sasquatch, this package was looking really good for the drive desired. This version brings 35-inch Goodyear mud-terrain tires, 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels, Dana electronic locking axles, a higher suspension that raises this vehicle up two inches, wider fender flares, and a set of unique Bilstein shocks. These items sound great, but there was one hiccup.

What Caused Many Off-Roaders to Contact Ford About the Bronco

All the items mentioned for the new Bronco with the Sasquatch package would make most people thrilled to have more hardcore off-road equipment than what’s offered in the standard model. The one problem that most of the wilderness enthusiasts who spend time in these vehicles saw was that this package was only being offered in versions that have a ten-speed automatic transmission. That’s a bit of a problem.

Ford Listened to the Enthusiasts

There’s a strong community of Bronco owners that wanted to see the off-road gear being added to versions of this SUV that have a manual transmission. There were loud enough to convince the Ford team this would be a good idea. The Ford team got to work to figure out how to create the version of the Bronco Sasquatch for the manual models so that everyone could enjoy this new off-road creation

Getting a Bit More Out of the Ford Bronco

For those driving a Ford Bronco with a manual transmission and the Sasquatch package, the max crawl ratio will be 94.75:1 which makes many in the off-road community smile. With this addition, they can take the Bronco out on the toughest trails and crawl over a rock, boulder, or tree and know they have the Bronco they’ve been waiting for.

Pricing is Yet to Be Announced

We don’t yet have pricing for ether version of the Sasquatch package that can be added to the Ford Bronco. Even though the automatic version of this SUV is already one you can choose to enjoy on the road, the manual version will be offered later this year. If you’re willing to wait for it, the manual version of the Bronco could be everything you’re looking for in an off-road SUV.
Ford does listen to owners who drive its vehicles. This is probably one reason why Ford has been so successful with SUVs and trucks for as long as they have. If you’re looking for the Ford Bronco and want the most hardcore equipment possible, ask about the Sasquatch package when you visit your local Ford dealer today.

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