Who Knew Practical Could Look so Refined?

When you live in a busy city, finding the right vehicle can be tricky. You need something maneuverable that you can fit into tight parking spots. But you’d like something versatile but with more sophistication than a micro hatchback. And make it affordable.

Enter the Buick Encore. The sub-compact size makes it a no-brainer for getting around downtown. And, unlike larger SUVs, you don’t have to pass up all of those parking spaces marked “compact.” It’s designed to look right at home downtown without flagging you as a City Slicker on weekend getaways.

A Nice Space for Fun with Friends or “You” Time

You don’t have to pay $70k to drive a luxury SUV, especially if you don’t regularly carry massive amounts of cargo. The Encore offers plenty of space for four adults to stretch out (technically, it seats five with a wide center seat in the back). And while they may not be covered in Nappa leather, the seats are durable and provide hours of comfort.

Buick adds its signature QuietTuning suite of technology to the Encore. These features keep outside noises at bay, so you can talk to your passengers using your “inside” voice. You can also enjoy listening to your newest audiobook through the premium sound system or just enjoy some peaceful, quiet You Time.

This Little Crossover is Big on Convenience

Buick Encore Interior

Don’t be fooled by its compact size. This little crossover can handle anything from your grocery runs (even those monthly “big box” warehouse trips) to your weekly prowl through yard sales and flea markets. With the back seats folded, you have well over 48 cubic feet to fill up. And if your bargain hunt turned up an area rug that you can’t live without, fold the rear and front passenger seat and bring it home.

The convenience doesn’t stop there. The Encore is Wi-Fi capable and offers hassle-free smartphone integration. And Buick Connected Services gives you the ability to remote start, lock/unlock your SUV and access emergency services through OnStar.

Thrilling to Drive for All the Right Reasons

It’s not often you think of an SUV as fun to drive. But when you put this turbocharged SUV through its paces and feel just how nimble it is, you’ll be sold. The Encore dashes through downtown traffic and takes tight corners like you’re driving in a Hollywood thriller. It keeps a good grip on the road, so you feel in control. Plus, Buick offers two safety and driver assistance packages that help you avoid the Bad Guys (or other road hazards).

If you like to spend time on the slopes—or the plows don’t get to your neighborhood quickly when it snows—the Encore Preferred is available with all-wheel-drive.

The SUV That Takes You from Park Avenue to Green Acres

If you’re shopping for a vehicle that offers the functionality of an SUV with the fuel economy of a hatchback sedan, you’ll want to put the Buick Encore on your test-drive list. It’s spry, sophisticated, and you get a lot of features for well under $30k. You’ll appreciate its convenience as a daily driver, and you’ll love its capability when you want to hit your favorite campsite.

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