Look Out Porsche Macan, the Genesis GV70 is Coming for You

Look Out Porsche Macan, the Genesis GV70 is Coming for You

The second of the new SUVs being offered by the Genesis brand is ready to take on the world. The new Genesis GV70 is complete and ready.

If you already love sporty SUV models that are much more fun than those on the utilitarian end of the scale, you’re certain to fall in love with the GV70.

This New SUV is an Athlete

The first of the Genesis SUVs to arrive on the market was the GV80 and it was on the utility side of things with tons of comfort for your entire family. Now that we know everything about the GV70 we know this SUV is going to be nine inches shorter than the larger model to make it much more athletic on the road. This new luxury SUV is ready to give you a great drive.

Looks You’re Sure to Love in the Genesis GV70

Some of the design cues offered in the GV80 model find their way to the smaller GV70 to give you the looks you want to enjoy. You’ll have the benefits of the quad-line headlights and taillights, a diamond-shaped grille, and the Parabolic Line that gives this vehicle its shape as you see the line move from the headlights to the rear of the vehicle.

This new vehicle rides on a set of 21-inch wheels and offers you the G-Matrix pattern in the wheels that you enjoy on the GV70. The look of the C and D pillars of this SUV is meant to give the look that this vehicle is always in motion, even when it’s not moving. This is quite an achievement and it adds to the overall look and feeling of this new SUV.

Interior Design and Controls Make a Difference

Consistent shapes, attractive colors, and impressive accent lines make the interior of this SUV one that you’re going to love. There are five different seat treatments, a variety of trim items, along with carbon fiber elements that bring you the package you’ll love in this SUV. The most common shape of the Genesis GV70 interior is an oval which you see across the dashboard.

You’ll find a variety of incredible technology and features that make this SUV one you want to drive. Admire the 14.5-inch touchscreen and the physical controls that allow you to have information right when you need it and the adjustments, you’re looking for easily. A full package of safety features is present to ensure you can have the alerts you want when you come close to the lane lines or need to follow along at a specific speed and distance.

A pair of powertrains will make it to the Genesis GV70 with one being a 2.5-liter four-cylinder model and the other being a 3.5-liter V6. The power maxes out at 375 horses and 391 lb.-ft. of torque. Every model makes use of an eight-speed automatic transmission to give you the shifting and power delivery you desire when you drive this new SUV.

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