Select the Buick Encore GX You Want to Drive

Sometimes, the right vehicle for you to drive is the one that’s listed in the middle of the trims which can be the Buick Encore GX Select.

This small and attractive premium SUV can give you the feeling you want on the road while bringing you an amazing drive. You’ll love the attractive pricing, modern safety features, roominess, and technology included in the Encore GX Select.

Ride Quality and Tuning that are Right for You

Get behind the wheel of the Encore GX and you’ll have a comfortable and quiet drive on the roads. This premium SUV is at home in the city or on the highway and probably shouldn’t be chosen for off-road driving. The steering and suspension are tuned perfectly to make it easy for you to get where you want to go without much effort at all.

Everything You want in the Cabin of the Encore GX

There’s plenty of space for you and your passengers to be comfortable inside the Buick Encore GX Select. The materials used are premium quality and give you the comfort and style you’re looking for. Check out the electronics in the dashboard and get connected during your drive. The Select trim gives you heated front seats, which makes it easy to get comfortable during a cold morning drive to work.

Excellent Proportions in the Buick Encore GX Select

The GX model is a little larger than the standard Encore, which means this version looks better when you see it from the outside. The proportions are right for a subcompact SUV that isn’t as small as the others. You’ll love the active appearance and the added size that makes this SUV feel more mature than its smaller sibling. Choose the black-painted roof and see how this feature improves the look of this already attractive SUV.

Add the Advanced Technology Package

This is a package of features you can enjoy in the Encore GX Select that gives you the features you want. You’ll have an eight-inch infotainment screen, a navigation system, adaptive cruise control, rear park assist, a surround-view camera, and a head-up display. These items add a lot more to the Buick SUV that you take home and drive every day.

Check Out the Two-Stage Load Floor

You can store some smaller items under the rear load floor of the Buick Encore GX. This area can be perfect for some of the tools you want to take with you and have available every day. Another option is to take the main cargo floor out and lifted to give you a floor level that’s even with the rear seats when folded, giving you a flat load floor for your larger items.

Quality Features Found in the Buick Encore GX Select

This mid-level version of the Buick Encore GX gives you a power driver’s seat, heated front seats, dual-zone climate controls, a luggage rack, and a safety package that includes blind-spot warning, rear cross-traffic alerts, and rear park assist.

These items are added to what you’ll have from the base version. This means you’ll have push-button starting, an eight-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot, and a set of 18-inch alloy wheels. Add the Advanced Technology Package and you’ve got an SUV with everything you want during your drive.

How Do You Want to Drive?

If you choose to drive an FWD version of the Buick Encore GX Select, you’ll have a CVT attached to the engine. On the other hand, when you choose AWD, you’ll only have the bigger engine and will have a nine-speed automatic transmission. This could be an important choice for you.

The base powertrain gives you a 1.2-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that makes 137 horsepower and 162 lb.-ft. of torque. You’ll also enjoy 28 city/31 hwy mpg with this SUV. The larger engine is a 1.3-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that makes 155 horsepower and 174 lb.-ft. of torque. In FWD versions, you can have 30 city/32 hwy mpg while AWD models return 26 city/29 hwy mpg when you’re behind the wheel.

What Will You Have in Your Buick Encore GX Select?

Will you add the two-tone roof to give your Buick an upgraded style? Are you going to include the Advanced Technology Package to the mix? Do you want to use the larger engine and have AWD during your time behind the wheel? Visit your local Buick dealer and ask them to help you figure out how to equip your Buick Encore GX Select today.

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