These Car Pranks are less Funny and More Vandalism

Playing pranks on others for fun and bring bonding. Sometimes these things go too far, especially when they are car pranks.

Even though it can seem funny at the time, when you damage or destroy the property of another person, you’re not pulling a prank but committing an act of vandalism. Let’s look at some pranks that you shouldn’t pull.

Wrap a Car in Plastic Wrap

While it seems harmless enough and certainly is a waste of plastic wrap that should be used in the kitchen, you shouldn’t wrap a car. Not only is it a waste of materials, but if the owner of the vehicle doesn’t return to the vehicle for several hours, the wrap could eventually melt to the paint. This could damage the paint and cost a lot of money to repair.

Fill a Car with Orbeez

Anything that requires water to make it work is a bad idea in a car. One of the worst car pranks you can pull would e to fill a car with Orbeez. These little things are absorbent little balls that swell in size when put in water. If you put them in a car, they can get stuck in a lot of places and cause damage to the electronics or fabrics of the interior.

A Car Covered in Sticky Notes

Another bad prank that you shouldn’t pull on someone is to cover their car in sticky notes. There’s nothing wrong with a post-it on the window to tell them to have a nice day, but the adhesive can melt and blend into the paint which can cause the vehicle to be irreparably damaged. If you want to pull a prank with sticky notes, don’t mess with the paint.

Egging a Car Just Isn’t Creative

It’s one of the most common car pranks and it’s certainly not creative at all. Whether eggs are thrown from a distance to hit the car, which can cause dents in the bodywork or get into the air intake, or you simply smash eggs all over the car, this action is certainly vandalism. Eggs can cause a terrible stink which can be nearly impossible to get rid of when cleaning the car.

Sticking Feathers to a Car

Anything you do that could damage a vehicle is wrong. Your friend will not appreciate you sticking feathers all over their vehicle and your enemies will surely press charges. Feathers can get into various areas of the car and ruin the engine and the adhesive used can damage the paint and pull off layers of paint that will require a new coat to be applied.

Stay Away from the Exhaust Pipe

It’ssoundsfun to attach a balloon to the exhaust pipe or put something in this area of the car to be shot out like a cannon when the car is being driven. This is certainly one of the car pranks you need to avoid. Not only could the items at the exhaust damage the pipe, but they could also cause the engine to backfire which might eventually lead to expensive repairs.

Sugar in the Gas Tank; Not a Good Idea

Another common prank with cars is to put sugar or another substance in the gas tank of a car. There’s no telling the amount of damage that can be done when this takes place. Unless you’re looking to give the person who owns the car a new vehicle, you should never put a foreign substance in their gas tank. Most of the functional parts of the car may need to be replaced when you do this.

Don’t Use Duct Tape for a Car Prank

Even if you work hard to avoid taping the duct tape to the paint or surface of the car and you want to use this material to stick other items to it, trouble could take place. Duct tape can break down and the adhesive surface can come through which will damage the car. This is one of the car pranks you must avoid if you’re trying to maintain a friendship with the owner of the vehicle.

Keep the Cars Out of Your Pranks

It can be a lot of fun to pull pranks on people, but you should do this without damaging any property that is owned by the person you’re trying to prank. Just because you saw it in the movies, in a YouTube video, or on television, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

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