Picture Yourself Driving the Subaru Legacy Limited

If you’re looking for a sedan that can be ideal for your family, the Subaru Legacy Limited just might be the right one.

You want to make the best choice, especially when you have to drive others around and a sedan that brings you standard AWD sounds like a pretty good option when you’re considering safety. At the Limited trim, you’ll have a list of excellent features that don’t come in the lower models while also enjoying a drive that makes you happy to get behind the wheel.

What Comes Standard in the Limited Trim

When you’re climbing the trim tree, you’ll want to know what items are offered as part of the standard fare of the vehicle you drive. the Limited model of the Legacy is the top trim before the XT engine is added to the mix. With this trim you’ll have:

• Leather upholstery
• Power passenger seat
• Blind-spot detection with lane-change assist
• Reverse automatic braking
• Heated rear seats
• Harman/Kardon audio system

This trim is the fourth one up in the lineup, which means the standard items that come from the lower three trims are part of the mix as well. This will give you a complete car that has the added comforts you’re looking for when you get ready to head out on the road for a drive.

Admire the Impressive Infotainment Screen

While not one of the features that’s exclusive to the Subaru Legacy Limited, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the 11.6-inch vertical touchscreen which is part of the mix. This screen gives you the clear graphics you want and a useful area that makes it simple for you to have the information you’re looking for whenever you take this vehicle out for a drive.

Excellent Comfort on the Leather Seats

If you want something better, you add leather to it. This is what you’ll find covering the seats of your Legacy when you get in and take it for a drive. Experience the quality material and the smooth feeling that can make you wonder if this car is a luxury model. Leather is easy to clean, which makes it great for your kids, and if you care for it, you’ll have an interior that looks amazing for a long time.

Add Power to your Passenger

It might sound like a small thing, but why should the driver be the only person with a power seat? The driver has a button to push to move the seat while the passenger has to fumble with manual controls, that doesn’t sound fair at all. Thankfully, in the Limited trim, the passenger has an eight-way power seat that can make it simple to find that comfortable position.

Stay Safer on the Road

The Subaru Legacy Limited has several great safety features coming from the lower trims as part of the Eyesight active safety package. Adding the benefits of blind-spot detection with lane-change assist only makes it easier for you to stay safe when you’re out on the road driving this car. When you turn your signal on to change lanes, this car will warn you whether its safe to change lanes or not.

Another Excellent Safety Item for the Legacy Limited

Nearly every vehicle in the market today has forward automatic braking, Subaru adds the benefits of reverse automatic braking to this model to give you the stopping power needed if you’re going to hit something or someone while backing up. The car takes over and will stop you quickly, hopefully before any damage can be done to the vehicle or the obstacle in your path.

Your Kids Will Be Cozy on Cold Mornings

Do you live in an area that gets freezing cold in the winter? Are there sometimes cold frosty mornings, even if you never see snow? If it gets down to low temperatures, your kids will be pleased that you have the benefits of heated rear seats to keep their bodies warm during the drive to school. These seats will offer the radiated heat needed for them to feel good while on the road with you.

Excellent Sounds Found in this Subaru

The Subaru Legacy Limited is equipped with an impressive Harman/Kardon audio system to give you the musical pleasure you want when you’re driving. This sound system offers crisp, clear sounds that you’ll love to hear when you’re driving around in your sedan. If you’re looking for something to put this car over the top for you and your family, take a test drive and turn up the volume to enjoy the amazing sounds offered.

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