Lamborghini Might Be Going Completely Hybrid and Electric by 2025

Ten years ago, the idea of an electric vehicle that could actually offer the speed, torque, and power of a Lamborghini seemed like a pipedream.

Almost out of nowhere, auto manufacturers started pumping out some pretty wild hybrid and electric vehicles that are downright impressive.

It’s almost as if any manufacturer that doesn’t at least dip its toe in the eco-friendly waters is going to miss a tremendous opportunity. Don’t worry, though. If you love Italian sports cars and are open to greener vehicles, then you’ll be excited to learn that Lamborghini is planning on electrifying all of its offerings by 2025.

Of course, don’t expect Lamborghini to start making family hatchbacks that compete with the Prius, Bolt, or Ioniq. Instead, you’ll see the exact kind of twist that you’d expect from the world’s most famous sports car maker.

Three Parts to Perfection

Don’t expect a sudden change starting in 2025. The future of the Lambo lineup will come in three waves. The first wave is pretty much business as usual. Lamborghinis will keep to its roots of building incredibly fast and powerful cars.

As we speak, two brand new V-12 powered cars are getting set up to make their debut. As you can imagine, these beasts won’t sip fuel; they’ll chug it, which seems a little in contrast with the end goal.

The second wave is where hybrids start to come into play. You may already remember the Sian, Labmo’s first hybrid vehicle. Of course, this car was a limited-production option that used a supercapacitor instead of the standard hybrid powertrain.

Lamborghini Is scheduled to start production of its first fully available (non-limited-edition) cars for 2023. The expectation is that all Lamborghinis produced will have some sort of hybrid or plug-in hybrid option.

The final wave is when Lamborghini releases its first fully electric vehicle. This most likely won’t happen until after 2025. Technically, since all cars coming off the assembly line will have some sort of hybrid motor or electric system in place, the goal of being electrified by 2025 will still be met. Truly electric Lambos may not be available until 2029.

A Greener Super Car

Lamborghini is known for building fast and powerful cars. The good news is that this focus is not going to change. Instead, you’ll see this Italian producer jump in the deep end with innovative technology that will not only make vehicles that live up to the Lambo name but reduce carbon emictions by about 50% across the entire Lamborghini lineup.

Keep your eyes on Lamborghini because some big things are certainly coming our way.

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