Electric Dodge to Arrive in 2022

With so many auto manufacturers focusing on building electric vehicles, it’s no surprise that we can expect an electric Dodge as early as 2022.

Dodge may be jumping into the electric game later than some of the competition, but the electric Dodge is sure to make a splash.

Instead of offering a smart sedan or compact SUV, Dodge is going to make its mark with a battery-powered muscle car known as the eMuscle. The concept version of this electric Dodge should be revealed in 2022, while more information and a formal announcement are coming at the end of 2021.

Not only is 2022 the year of the electric Dodge eMuscle car, but Dodge will also release its first plug-in hybrid. Rumors suggest that the plug-in will be similar to the upcoming Alfa Romeo’s new Tonale. The version Dodge is set to release is going to be called the Hornet.

Transparent Plans Are Coming

Dodge CEO, Tim Kuniskis, said that Dodge is looking for a different type of customer. Dodge isn’t turning its back on its loyal fanbase but wants to open the door to new customers who appreciate green energy and tons of power.

To help build a bridge between the old customers and potentially new buyers, Dodge is getting its concept car out as soon as it can. Dodge wants to be upfront with what’s coming so people can prepare.

The Future is Dodge Inspired

An electric Dodge has the ability to launch a new car that surpasses 1,200 hp but most likely won’t go in that direction. Dodge already has the ability to offer some muscular vehicles. Adding too much horsepower would only create too much wheelspin to be of any use.

The plan is to put together the perfect balance of power and capability to create something never seen before. Thanks to Dodge’s parent company, Stellantis, there will be four new electric battery platforms for future vehicle design. The STLA framework will come in small, medium, large, and frame for body-on-frame vehicles.

These new platforms allow electric Dodge vehicles to be front, rear, or all-wheel drive. They can create fully electric cars as well as plug-in hybrids. Best of all, the platforms can be used together to create some serious ability.

Dodge also wants to keep their new electric vehicles affordable. Vehicles like the Tesla Model S Plaid might be able to push out 1,020 horsepower, but they start at over $131,000. Dodge is looking to fit into the $40,000 to $50,000 range.
Haynes 9/26/21

Gas Isn’t Going Anywhere

Dodge fans are happy to know that gas-powered muscle cars aren’t going to disappear. Electric Dodge cars will sit right next to gas-powered cars on the lot. There’s quite a bit of overlap expected for many years to come.

Keep an eye open. Dodge should be releasing more information about the forthcoming eMuscle cars any day now.

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