Automotive Issues that Have Been the Source of Controversy

Whether it’s dinner conversation fodder or its something that has needed to be changed, there are automotive issues that have plagued us for a long time. Some think of old-school driving as being much better than the cars we see today, while others admire the advancements in technology. No matter the issue, you’re probably going to have an opinion and be more than happy to share what your views are when you discuss these topics.

We No Longer Have Access to the Real Cars Seen Racing in Ads

With the use of digital technology and staging, the difference between the car you can buy and the one you see in an ad has never been greater. In the sixties, seventies, and before, the vehicles that were used for the racing maneuvers were the same as the ones you could purchase at your local dealership.

Pigeoning Cars to Specific Genders is Gone

One of the automotive issues that have thankfully changed over time is the gender roles in the home and in the car that’s purchased. There were cars in the past that were advertised to be “great for women,” but we don’t see anything like this today. Thankfully, car advertising has evolved, and we no longer think of some cars and some activities in cars to be classified by gender.

Unibody Construction Process

This issue dates back to the original cars that were donned “horseless carriages,” and it’s an antiquated method of building a vehicle. The unibody cabins were combined separately with constructed frames, which is a process that continues today. The benefit is that this has been proven to be the cheapest and fastest way to build a car chassis, but it’s not necessarily the best, which is proved by the trucks and large SUVs we see.

Fuel Delivery Hasn’t Changed

Delivering fuel to the engine the right way has been one of the automotive issues for a long time. Older vehicles that don’t have onboard computers use carburetors to get fuel into the engine. This has been a tried and true method for over one hundred years. Newer models use fuel injectors to get the job done and rely on electronics to tell the injectors when to send fuel into the engine.

Clay molding Continues to be a Preferred Design Method

The early days of design brought clay as a way to build the models that would eventually become vehicles. The cost is relatively small, and this process has been used for many decades. Even with the movement toward 3D printing, we see many designers still start on a drawing tablet and then use a clay model before ever going to the printing process.

Straight Axles are Still Popular in 4WD Vehicles

You would think that a 4WD vehicle would use independent axles and suspensions for each wheel, similar to the Hummer, and move away from straight axles. This may be one of the most talked-about of the automotive issues on this list. So far, there hasn’t been much movement away from the straight axles, and even the most popular of off-road vehicles, the Jeep Wrangler, uses them.

The Definition of a Muscle Car Remains the Same

Love it or hate it, the definition of a muscle car is still the same as it was in the past. The power has only gotten greater with the use of superchargers and electronics, but the truest form of driving has always been in a muscle car. Many people don’t love these cars, but they admire their performance and understand their importance in the industry.

Fast Cars are Loud and Quiet Ones are Slow

This is one of the automotive issues that should change, especially with the introduction of a variety of high-performance electric vehicles that have been added to the market. Loud cars are certainly fun to show off and get that “look at me” moment, but that doesn’t always mean the car is faster than anything that’s quiet. Think of the Rimac brand and the silent EV supercars they are making.

Import Performance Cars have a Better Reputation

The early days of the imports coming from Japan and Europe left many Americans frustrated with their purchase decisions. These cars weren’t reliable and left us on the side of the road. That has changed, and performance cars that come from these areas of the world are some of the most sought-after cars in the market today. This may be one of the biggest changes in the industry since the early days.

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