Kia Takes Home the Most J.D. Power Awards for Initial Quality

What do you know about the Kia brand? If you think of this brand as one that gives you bargain cars that are low on quality, think again.

This is a brand that’s now winning awards for quality and continues to grab our attention as the brand you should trust when you’re looking for the next vehicle you want to drive. If you need more evidence to convince you, just think of the fact that J.D. Power has awarded this brand with more Initial Quality awards than any other brand for 2021.

What Goes into the Initial Quality Award?

When J.D. Power evaluates vehicles for this prestigious award, they collect data analytics from customers for several vehicles. For the 2021 model year, 177 vehicles were considered, which covered 23 different classes.

The Initial Quality Study evaluates vehicles with regards to engine and transmission performance, driving experience, and quality issues that are reported by vehicle owners. These vehicles are evaluated based on the first ninety days of ownership, which gives the vehicles the initial quality test that is used for this study.

The Most Problematic Feature

Across the entire automotive industry, infotainment was the most problematic category. Smartphone connectivity was a concern that most people had difficulty with. The movement to wireless versions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows for more problems to take place with smartphones.

Even with this technology being the most problematic, Kia was able to outperform luxury brands with easy-to-use technology that makes sense when you’re ready to get out on the road.

The Models that Made the List

As mentioned, Kia won more Initial Quality Awards from J.D. Power for the 2021 model year than any other brand. The five models that reached this height and took home the trophies are the Telluride in the Upper Midsize SUV Class, the Sportage in the Compact SUV Class, the Soul in the Small SUV Class, the Sedona in the Minivan Class, and the Forte in the Compact Car Class.

Let’s take a look at what makes each of these vehicles worthy of the awards they won.

The Ambition of the Telluride

The first year we saw the three-row SUV that is the Telluride in the market was 2020. It’s pretty incredible that this SUV won the Initial Quality Award only in its second year. This vehicle is built to take one some of the names we’ve known in the market for many years.

The Telluride is bold, brash, big, and sophisticated, giving you a comfortable place to carry your family when it’s time for a drive. Check out the long list of safety features, the potent V6 engine, the useful technology, and the standard active driving-assist and safety features that make it easy for you to avoid a collision. Your entire family will love the drive in this impressive SUV.

The Kia Sportage Continues to Get Better

One of the original models to be offered at Kia dealerships around the country was the Sportage. Initially, this SUV was a subcompact model with an upright stance and a relatively basic build. Today, the Sportage has become one of the most intriguing and impressive vehicles in the market. If you want to drive a small SUV that’s built with tons of quality features, this is the one for you.

You’ll be pleased to have the affordable pricing and impressive warranty that are part of what this SUV brings to the market. Check out the infotainment system, the safety features, and the efficient powertrains when you’re shopping for the SUV you want to drive. You’ll be more than happy to have the build and quality of the Sportage.

Funky Style and Amazing Quality Found in the Soul

From the dancing hamsters to the electric version, the Soul has been a staple in the lineup for three generations. This small and active vehicle has straddled the line between a small SUV and a hatchback for a long time. J.D. Power chose to include it in the SUV class and evaluate whether or not this vehicle is worthy of an award.

What you’ll find when you’re looking at the Soul is a relatively affordable, practical, and impressive vehicle that’s sensible to drive. You’ll find more cargo room than any hatchback can offer, an excellent powertrain, and the technology that will allow a smile to cross your face during your drive. Find the right version of the Soul and get ready for a different type of drive.

The Top Minivan for Your Family is the Kia Sedona

The 2021 model year marks that final year of production for the Sedona, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find this minivan at your local dealership. You’ll probably receive an excellent price and affordable payments when you take this van home today.

The Sedona has been one of the smartest options when it’s time to move your family around and get things done. Whether you want an entry-level LX model that has the basics or your reach for the top trim, the SX version, you know you’re going to enjoy the drive in this minivan. Add a little more confidence to your drive now that you know this vehicle won the J.D. Power Initial Quality Award in its class.

Your Commute Just Got Better with the Forte

Compact cars are often thought of as only good for your daily commute. The Forte is better than any other compact car, as proven by this study and the award presented to Kia. When you’re comparing models in this class, you’ll notice the Forte simply offers you more features and qualities for the money that you’ll spend.

When you get behind the wheel of the Forte, you’ll have the benefits of amazing safety features, impressive driving dynamics, and efficiency that saves you money whenever you fill-up the gas tank. The drive is smooth, the build is excellent, and you should have no trouble enjoying an easy ride to work every day in the car that won the J.D. Power Initial Quality Award for its class.

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