The Chevrolet Blazer: Outmuscling the Crossover SUV Class

If you’re looking for a small SUV with five seats, you might want to see what the Chevrolet Blazer has to offer. The Blazer is in an interesting place in the market. The midsize SUV class is filled with vehicles that perform various tasks well but don’t handle others the way you might want.
When you’re looking for an SUV with plenty of cargo and passenger room, a dynamic build, sporty performance items, and modern qualities, you can’t deny that the Blazer brings you more of what you’re looking for.

Looking at Some Competitors

The class for the Blazer is one in which you can find a variety that is hard to compare with each other. We’re going to look at this Chevy SUV and put it against the Kia Sorento and Subaru Forester to give you a comparison of these three interesting SUVs. The first thing you’ll notice when you see all three of these models together is the fact that the Chevy is sportier and much more aggressive. Inspired by the Camaro, the Blazer just looks like it wants to be out on the roads showing off to the world.

You’ll Pay a Little More for the Chevy

It’s not often that you see models from the bow-tie brand that are more expensive to start with than other models. The Chevrolet Blazer gives you a starting price of $41,100 for the RS model in FWD. When you look at the Kia Sorento LX, you’ll start with a price of $29,490, while the Subaru Forester brings you a starting cost of $25,195. If price is a factor for you, you’ll likely want to avoid the Blazer, but if you can afford the higher price, you’ll get to see how much this impressive Chevy can bring to your drive.

With the Powertrains; There’s Just No Comparison


Let’s start with our title contender. You’ll see an impressive 3.6-liter V6 engine under the hood of the Blazer RS. This engine produces 308 horsepower, 270 lb.-ft. of torque and uses a nine-speed automatic transmission. This powertrain is set up in FWD to give you the power and performance you’re looking for out on the road. Fuel mileage comes in at 19 city/27 hwy mpg, which is the worst of these three SUVs, but that’s because you have the most power for the drive.


As the model in the middle of the bunch, you want to know what the Kia Sorento is bringing for your driving experience. This SUV offers you a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that makes 191 horsepower and 181 lb.-ft. of torque. You’ll have an eight-speed automatic transmission attached to the engine and an FWD setup for this SUV. The Kia Sorento has been an admirable SUV in the market for a long time, and it continues to give you the drive that can be right for you. You’ll have 24 city/29 hwy mpg when you choose this Kia. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for power, this model doesn’t compare to the Blazer.


The least expensive and smallest of these three SUVs is the Subaru Forester. This model comes with the least power for your drive, but that power is right for this little SUV. You’ll find a 2.5-liter flat four-cylinder engine that makes 182 horsepower and 176 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine is mated to a CVT and is set up in full-time AWD. The fuel mileage for the Forester is the best of the three, coming in at 26 city/33 hwy mpg to give you an amazing drive when you’re out on the road.

The Blazer is Just Bigger

When you’re looking at the dimensions of the Chevrolet Blazer compared to the Kia Sorento and Subaru Forester, you’ll find out that the Blazer has a bigger number in nearly every measurement. The Chevy is longer, wider, and has a longer wheelbase than both of these competitors. Strangely enough, the Forester is slightly taller than the Blazer, standing up higher by one-half inch.
The ground clearance for these three measures 7.4 inches for the Blazer, 6.9 inches for the Sorento, and 8.7 inches for the Forester. Among these three SUVs, the Forester is the one that is made to handle some light trails.

More Room for You In the Cabin

The larger size of the Chevrolet Blazer makes it the largest one in terms of cabin space. You’ll have five comfortable seats for your family with plenty of cargo room behind the seats. This area measures 30.5 cubic feet, which is much better than both of the other SUVs in this conversation.
Strangely enough, although it’s smaller than the Blazer, the Sorento does come with a third-row seat, which makes it feel like you’re cramped inside when every seat is filled. This gives the Kia a bit of versatility, but not the type that you want for a long drive.

The Blazer Just has More for You

As we look down the list of features that you’ll find in these three SUVS, there are many items found in the new Blazer that are not present in either the Sorento or Forester. Some of these items include:

  • Premium Sound System
  • Satellite radio
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Leather upholstery
  • Sunroof
  • Power liftgate
  • Cooled front seats
  • Heated front seats
  • Heated rear seats
  • Power front seats
  • Remote engine starting
  • Keyless start
  • Telematics

These items could make a huge difference in your driving experience when you’re out on the road.

You Should Drive the Chevrolet Blazer

If you’re trying to find an SUV that’s comfortable, filled with great items, offered with excellent power while giving you the style you’re looking for, the Blazer from Chevrolet is the SUV for you. You’ll find the seating you need, amazing technology, the powerful V6 engine, and looks that can only come from the Camaro. This SUV is the sports car of SUVs, and it shows those qualities every time you take it out for a drive. Get behind the wheel and enjoy an amazing test drive when you see the team at your local dealer today.

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