Ford Models Are Shining Bright at the top of the IIHS Lists

Ford has reached up and grabbed the safety awards with aggression and confidence. When you visit your local Ford dealer, it will be easy to find safety and confidence in the vehicle you want to drive. The IIHS has awarded various Ford models with their prestigious Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ awards, giving us some amazing models that come from the blue oval brand to be trustworthy vehicles that can keep you out of trouble and protect you when you’re out on the road with other drivers.

A Surprise Entry with Excellent Safety

Do you expect the Ford Mustang Mach-E to be a vehicle that reaches the top of the safety awards? Many would answer “no” to this question, but the simple fact is, this performance SUV has been awarded a Top Safety Pick award from the IIHS.

This impressive vehicle aced all of the crashworthiness tests with good ratings, which is the highest rating given during these tests. What this means for you is that if you drive this SUV, you’re going to feel protected if you’re in a crash with another vehicle.

Not only does the Mustang Mach-E make it easy for you to feel safe when you’re driving, but it offers you a set of lights that help you see well and have been rated as Good as well. These headlights are the LED projector headlights that are found in the Premium, GT, and First Edition trims of this vehicle.

If you’re looking for a vehicle that brings you the safety you want when you visit your local Ford dealer, the Mustang Mach-E is an excellent choice. Once you check off the safety box, you can see the other positive elements of this impressive electric SUV.

Another New Ford Reaches the Top of Safety Ratings

There’s only one rating better than Top Safety Pick when it comes to the ratings the IIHS offers. That rating is Top Safety Pick+, and a Ford vehicle has reached this pinnacle mark. The new Ford Bronco Sport has earned this rating and is the safest vehicle you can find when you’re shopping for the right Ford to drive.

As you would expect, the Bronco Sport scored a rating of good in all six IIHS crashworthiness tests, making it a vehicle that will certainly protect you when you’re in a crash. This small SUV is made to protect you on and off the roads, whether you’re heading out to pick up some groceries or going to your favorite off-road destination along the trails that you love.

The Bronco Sport also features a front crash prevention system that has been rated at advanced, which puts it in a class all by itself. This is required to add that coveted plus sign at the end of the Top Safety Pick award.

You can find amazing adventure and tons of fun in a safe and secure vehicle when you drive the Bronco Sport home from your local Ford dealer.

More Ford and Lincoln Models Earn Excellent Safety Awards

While the Mustang Mach-E and Bronco Sport are the only new vehicles to earn the Top Safety Pick and Top Safety Pick+ awards from the IIHS, there are several names you know that also make it to these levels of safety for your drive on the road.

The Ford Explorer is the only other model that reaches the same level as the Bronco Sport. That means you can have the SUV you love to drive and know it has the safety features you’re looking for to not only protect you in a crash but also help prevent a collision at the front of the vehicle.

Four additional Ford and Lincoln models have reached the level of Top Safety Pick to be excellent choices for you when you’re searching for a safe vehicle to drive.

If safety is one of your priorities, you’ll want to see the teams at your local Lincoln and Ford dealer locations to ensure you have one of the models that have been rated at the top of the safety scores by the IIHS.

Wait, What About the Ford Trucks?

If so many Ford SUVs are reaching the levels of safety to be awarded at the top, shouldn’t the trucks be in the mix as well? Trucks are inherently better at protecting us in a crash, but is that enough to make them safe and give us the ratings we want to see?

Thankfully, the Ford F-150 is not left out of the mix. With the addition of a set of LED headlights on higher trim levels, the F-150 now reaches the Top Safety Pick level by the IIHS. You can drive the most popular truck in the market and know that it’s going to protect you in a crash.

It would only take one small change for the F-150 to reach the plus level of safety. That would be to change the halogen lights found in the lower trims for LED models. It seems this would be a pretty easy change to make for the truck that could be one of the first to reach the Top Safety Pick+ stratosphere.

Even without the changes at the lower trims, you can feel confident driving the F-150 that you choose at your local Ford dealer.

Which Ford Model Will You Drive?

With several impressive SUVs and an incredible truck to choose from, you know that when you shop for your next vehicle at your local Lincoln or Ford dealer, you’re going to find a model that’s been rated at the top levels of safety. With that box checked off, you can begin to see the variety of amazing features and qualities that could make it possible for you to have the confidence you’re looking for every time you take a drive.

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