Best Racing Games of 2021

For those of us that spend all of our driving time between the lines on the road, racing games are a great escape from this doldrum.

Advanced graphics, amazing vehicles, and a ton of imagination go into some of the games that you can play on various devices. No longer are you stuck playing games only on your console; you can play them on your phone, tablet, or PC as well now. This means you could take your game with you and continue to play whenever you have some downtime at work, or you get home, and it’s time to unwind.

Here are some of the best racing games that you can play right now.

Go Open-World Racing in Forza Horizon 5

Xbox users love the graphics, terrain, and racing fun offered in Forza Horizon 5. This is a game that is done perfectly and appears to be one that shows how programmers and game developers have listened to the people that want to play the game. This fun-filled game puts you everywhere to make it easy to enjoy racing around on a track or heading out in the desert to cross the finish line before everyone else.

Every Year it Gets Better – F1 2021

The latest version of the F1 series game coincides with the most dramatic season that has happened in the sport in the past several years. This might be one reason that many will flock to this game, but more than that, this is one of the best racing games you’ll ever play. Race around on some of the most iconic tracks in the world and let this game give you the adrenaline rush you’re looking for. All current-generation consoles are capable of supporting this game, making it a fantastic way to spend some time relaxing.

Car Enthusiasts Love Dirt Rally 2.0

If you’re looking for a game that offers you more in terms of the parts, performance, and features of the cars that you drive around on the screen, Dirt Rally 2.0 is the game for you. This game is perfect for PC and mobile users to have a ton of fun and put their racing knowledge to the test. Experience the ruthless driving and punishing performance as you rip and roar around the tracks offered as part of the rally series created within this amazing game.

Gran Turismo Sport has Only Gotten Better

The release of Gran Turismo Sport was going to make it one of the worst racing games we’ve seen in a long time, but that quickly changed. The game developers added new cars, new tracks, and a VR model for the PlayStation VR users to enjoy. This created one of the top games in the business and gave everyone something fun to experience when it was time to hit the track. This game has since become the most popular driving game on PS4, and it continues to be an excellent game when you have some time for an adrenaline rush.

Imagination and Fun in Hot Wheels Unleashed

If you’re looking for a game that offers you the thought of what could be, Hot Wheels Unleased is the game for you. This game brings the ridiculous nature of the Hot Wheels cars to your gaming pleasure to give you a fun time racing around on the tracks offered where you can flip, turn, twist, and twirl your way to victory. Enjoy the colorful game, the amazing moves you can make, and share this game with your kids, who will love seeing their favorite cars racing around on the screen.

Find Your Fun with Shift 2

This game just might be the best compromise between reality and accessibility to give you a game that offers cars that handle like they would in real life. You’ll love the way this game helps you add performance items to every car and build up the fun that you’re going to enjoy when you sit down for a couple of hours of playtime. The graphics are impressive, and the tracks are ideal for the racing that you’ll experience during one of the best racing games that you can play today.

iRacing Offers a Realistic Driving Experience

When you’re not looking for a game that has cars performing actions they wouldn’t on a track or road, you’ll want the most realistic game offered. Even though iRacing is one of the oldest games on this list, it’s still one of the most popular for those looking for an experience that’s much closer to what would be found at a real track. Customize the setup of the cars that you drive and experience the fun that’s offered in a game that gives you racing leagues, more than 70 tracks, and a wonderful collection of cars.

Get Your Demolition Derby on in Wreckfest

Every car is a target in Wreckfest, and when you just feel like breaking something, this is the game that will give you the experience you’re looking for. Damage impacts the performance of vehicles, including the ones doing the wrecking, which makes this game a bit more strategic than simply wrecking other cars in the game. You have to be aware of the space around the car and provide the punishment to those that forget they have to watch out for others. If it’s time to get some of that pent-up aggression out, Wreckfest is your game.

Trackmania 2: Canyon Has Some of the Best Tracks

The track design is paramount in how any of the racing games can be played. Some game designers only focus on the cars, but Trackmania 2 ensures you have the tracks you’ll love to drive on during your gaming time. The tracks in this game take on a terrifying build with barrel-rolls, massive jumps, and floating platforms that you have to use to move from one part of the track to another. You’ll love the designs and the challenges offered in this amazing PC game.

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