300 Koenigsegg Gemera Models Were Made, Why?

The Koenigsegg Gemera is an irrational supercar that can fit four people for a day out on the road showing off with power and speed.

This car is one of the rarest unicorns in the automotive world, with seating that fits a small family and 1677 horsepower that is simply insane. Whether this was a way to tell off the rest o the world or a project that became a labor of love is unknown, but one thing we do know, this rare car is incredible and is another example of just how special the cars coming from this brand can be.

The Ultra-Rich Want an Audience

As expected, the Gemera is a car that’s only affordable by the very top of the economic world. Those who will take this car out or a drive want to have some friends along with them. This is a car that is truly a party on the road, which is why this car has four seats inside of it. Along with those seats, you’ll find eight cupholders to let everyone have their favorite drink in a cozy place while the owner pushes the limits of driving while the passengers squeal with glee at just how fun it can be to rocket down the road.

This Car Can Tear Up the Tires

The limit of how fast a car can reach sixty mph is at a point now where this time is purely limited by the tires. It’s going to take a little time to get there, but in the Koenigsegg Gemera, that time has been reduced to 1.9 seconds. That is incredibly quick and will certainly have you plastered to your seat before you reach highway speeds on any road. If you want to experience the true potential of this car, you’d have to take it to the track.

Lots of Power Features at Play

Check out the power items for the Gemera. The engine will underwhelm you as a 2.0-liter sequentially turbocharged three-cylinder engine. That small engine is tuned up to make 592 horsepower and 443 lb.-ft. of torque on its own, which is incredible. Add the three electric motors to the mix and the single-speed direct-drive transmission, and you’ve got a car capable of producing 1677 horsepower and 2581 lb.-ft. of torque. This is an insane amount of power out of a relatively light powertrain, giving this car the muscle to get things going in a hurry.

The Engine is Truly Interesting

The tiny three-cylinder engine of the Koenigsegg Gemera doesn’t have camshafts. That alone makes this an interesting fact for this car. What it does use is the Freevalve system developed in-house to use the solenoids to get things moving. This means there is no limit to what this engine can do. Surprisingly, there’s a cylinder deactivation feature that reduces fuel consumption to allow this engine to be up to 20 percent more efficient than that 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that you use in your commuter car.

The Electric System is Unique

If you wanted to drive this Koenigsegg on only electric power, you could. The 15.0-kWh battery can offer 31 miles of pure-electric driving for your time on the road. When you use the electric system in conjunction with the gasoline engine, you’ll have up to 590 miles of driving range. That’s a lot of driving fun in a supercar that’s made to be a party car when it pulls up to the event.

Note: When you do pull up to the event in the Gemera, you’ll make plenty of noise that will come out of the titanium exhaust that is ideal for announcing your arrival.

A Unique Part of the Drive

Before now, Koenigsegg has never made an AWD vehicle. Now, with three electric motors and a small gasoline engine, the Gemera is the first AWD model from this brand, giving owners control at all four wheels during the drive. This car also has all-wheel steering and torque vectoring to ensure the wheels that need power have it available when desired. One of the three electric motors aids in driving the front wheels, while the other two are located at each of the rear wheels to give them the desired level of power.

Expected Qualities of the Koenigsegg Gemera

Some of what we’ve seen from this brand in other models makes it to the Gemera for you. You’ll find a carbon-fiber tub, aluminum sub-structures, an electronically adjustable ride height, center-lock carbon-fiber wheels, and an incredible performance feeling once you’re inside this amazing car. The wheels are staggered with 21-inch models in front and 22-inch wheels in the rear.

Make a Statement When You Open the Doors

The doors are massive, and there are only two of them. That doesn’t mean that rear passengers are an afterthought in the Gemera. The doors open upward, and you won’t need to move the front seats for rear passengers to step out gracefully from the cabin of this car. That makes a statement when you arrive at the event you’re going to for the weekend.

In the front of the dashboard, you’ll see a pair of large screens to give you the reading and gauges you’re looking for. There are also screens for the side and rearview cameras that will give you the views you want around the car when driving on the road.

Don’t Forget Exclusivity

There’s no denying the unique build and amazing qualities offered in the Koenigsegg Gemera. This ultra-supercar is one that will only be found in a few garages around the world. Hopefully, those super-rich people who buy one of these cars will actually drive them and enjoy the fun and power offered by a car that’s put together the right way.

There are only 300 models of this car in the world, making it one of the most exclusive vehicles that you’ll ever hear about. Thankfully, those 300 cars are equipped to haul 1200 to the big party, where they can have a lot of fun talking about how incredible this car is to drive.

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