Ultimate Value in a Used Honda CR-V

It’s well-known among automotive experts, and knowledgeable consumers, that few vehicles hold their value as well as a Honda. That’s particularly true of the Honda CR-V, the compact SUV renowned for fuel efficiency, reliability, and quality.

Time-Tested, Quality Vehicle

Americans purchased just under 40 million light vehicles in 2020, a figure that reflects the popularity of used vehicles among U.S. consumers. It’s not a surprising trend given the number of models on the market today, including Hondas, that hold their value long after they’ve left the car lot.

Hondas annually rank among the very best vehicles when it comes to ongoing value and quality. One such model, the Honda CR-V, was named to Motor Trend’s 2021 list of best SUVs for resale value. A used Honda CR-V retains more than 70 percent of its original value three years after the sale, a remarkable achievement for any vehicle.

Annual Top Performer

Year after year, the CR-V earns high marks for gas economy/mileage, cargo space, interior comfort, and drivability. Couple reliable performance with the vehicle’s customer-friendly price and you’ve got an attractive deal for discerning used-car buyers, particularly those who like the advanced safety and infotainment tech later-model Honda CR-Vs offer.

Honda’s sticker price for a base model CR-V is just over $25,000, a bargain in such a competitive segment. It offers lively acceleration, responsive handling, and outstanding mileage at 28 MPG city and 34 MPG on the highway. The Honda CR-V’s outstanding fuel economy is one of its most appealing features and a tremendous asset for both city-based and long-range driving.

Room to Ride

The Honda CR-V’s passenger and cargo space are unsurpassed among compact SUVs and rank among its chief selling points. This is a vehicle that will keep the whole family comfortable on those long holiday sojourns and provide plenty of space for everyone’s baggage.

U.S. News & World Report rates the Honda CR-V’s interior among the very best in its class. The interior is comfortable and has plenty of legroom, and the 60/40 rear seatbacks make it easy to add even more storage space.

Updated Tech

Honda has upgraded the CR-V’s infotainment tech to keep pace with its competition in the compact SUV market segment. A five-inch display screen comes standard, as does the four-speaker stereo system and Bluetooth.
Options include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a nine-speaker stereo system, satellite radio, and navigation. More recent tech upgrades feature remote start and dual-zone automatic climate control.

Safety Features

Honda CR-V owners also benefit from Honda’s safety features and longstanding track record in this all-important category. The CR-V’s safety features include forward emergency braking and collision warning, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, a rearview camera, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic warning.

Year-After-Year Value

The Honda CR-V is a remarkably well-designed vehicle that ranks highly in virtually every category, from comfort to efficiency and safety, year after year. Its durability and performance, as well as the Honda name, make the CR-V one of the very best values on the road.

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