Rivian R1T: What is a Rivian?

Have you ever heard of Rivian? Do you know what the new Rivian R1T is? These two questions go together and could be answered at the same time.

Rivian is a new startup electric vehicle company that came into the market a couple of years ago with an SUV called the R1S. Now, we see a truck that will wear the same Rivian badge, and it is called the R1T. If you are looking for a truck that can be the real deal and give you the power you need from an electric motor, this just might be the right vehicle for you. Let’s explore.

A Truck Loaded with Extras

Don’t get things twisted, the R1T is a truck that can help you get things done, but it’s not going to replace the full-size models in the market yet. Instead, this is a truck you can choose when you’re looking for a midsize adventure vehicle to take out for some fun on the roads and trails. There’s a space called a “Gear Tunnel” that can be equipped with a tent to give you the one item that you need if you’re going to be prepared to spend time out in the wilderness.

The Adventure Package Has the Outdoor Stuff You need

While the “Gear Tunnel” can be equipped with what you put in it for your fun times in the Rivian R1T, the company thought of a package that would make excellent use of this space. You can add the Adventure Package to your truck and enjoy a camp kitchen, a three-person tent, and crossbars to mount the tent to the bed of the truck. This package allows you to know that you have a truck that’s ready to go deep into the wilderness and gives you the comfort you need when you get there.

Experience the Amazing Drive Offered

When you get behind the wheel of this Rivian truck, you’re going to have a vehicle with unique styling, excellent electric range, tons of storage space, a high-tech interior area, and the ability to tow up to 11,000 pounds when you hitch a trailer to the rear of this truck. You’ll love the standard Driver+ hands-free driving system that allows you to relax for a few minutes when you’re out on the highway. This is a truck that gives you the feeling you’re looking for every time you take it for a drive.

It’s a Strange Line to Straddle

It’s important that the Rivian R1T be luxurious, filled with technology, and comfortable for you to drive, but it also must be capable, versatile, and rugged on the trails. You’ll find an abundance of premium materials to give you the quality look you’re after and an excellent feeling that will make you happen when you’re out for a drive. Check out the natural-grained ash wood trim, impressive splashes of color, and “Chilewich” floor mats that make this truck look and feel great. In addition to the style items included in this truck, you’ll find a large 16-inch touchscreen that brings you most of the functions that you enjoy during your drive.

The Difference of this Truck Shows Up Immediately

You might think that the Rivian looks the same as most trucks when you see it from the side, but the front offers unique lighting elements that instantly allow you to know that you’ve got something different. This truck is futuristic and impressive. Rivian has no interest in hiding this truck in some mundane colors, you’ll have a ton of vibrant shades to choose from to have a truck that will give it a look anyone can admire.

You’ll have here different options for the wheels and tires of this truck and enjoy the benefits of the Gear Guard which offers tethers for your gear that you want to lock in the bed of this truck.

What You’ll Find in the Rivian R1T

Explore Model

  • AWD
  • Gear Tunnel behind the rear doors
  • Manual tonneau cover
  • Vegan leather upholstery
  • Heated front seats
  • Panoramic moonroof
  • In-bed air compressor w/20-foot hose

Adventure Model

  • Power tonneau cover
  • Gear Guard
  • Meridian premium audio system
  • Natural-grain ash wood interior trim
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • Recycled microfiber headliner
  • Chilewich floor mats

Added Items for Your Electric Truck

Both of the models offered for the Rivian R1T can be had with upgrades. You can order a larger battery pack that will give you added driving range on a full charge. Both models can also be had with the Off-Road Upgrade that gives you reinforced underbody shielding and two front tow hooks. You can also add a full-size spare to the mix and have the item you need in case you get a flat.

The Camp Kitchen is another upgrade that gives you the outdoor gear you’re looking for when you want to set up a kitchen for your camping trip or when you want to head to the game for a tailgate party.

What Does the Driver+ Package Have for You?

The Driver+ system uses 11 cameras, five radar units, and 12 ultrasonic sensors to give you the advanced driver assistance features you’re looking for in the R1T. This package is standard on every model of this Rivian pickup truck, giving you the views, images, and alerts that will help you stay right where you need to be when you’re out on the road.

The Most Talked About Question

We can talk about all the bells and whistles of the Rivian R1T that we want to, but the driving range and power are items you’ll probably have to answer the most for this impressive electric truck. This truck has four electric motors and a battery pack that allows for 314 miles of electric driving. If you opt for the larger battery pack, you’ll increase that range to 400 miles on a single charge. You’ll enjoy more than 800 horsepower and 900 lb.-ft. of torque. You’ll also have the capability to tow up to 11,000 pounds behind this truck.

Now that you know what Rivian is and what the R1T offers, will you drive one of these electric trucks?

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