5 Amazing Classic Cars from the Chrysler of Old

Visiting your local Chrysler dealer might not be where you find a variety of different models to choose from today, but it was once the place where some of the best cars were found. Chrysler has been a strong name in the automotive market for more than a century, which means there are several classic Chrysler cars that have been some of the best cars we’ve ever seen in the automotive world.
Let’s take a deep dive into the list of models from the Chrysler brand that have been part of history in the auto market.

Chrysler Cordoba

During the gasoline crisis of the 1970s and 1980s, there were fewer large cars to drive, but one that survived and gave us an impressive luxury coupe was the Chrysler Cordoba. This personal luxury car was the first Chrysler car that wasn’t a land yacht, but it wasn’t a tiny vehicle either. This car made it to the NASCAR circuit even though the poor aerodynamics held the Cordoba back, which meant that it never ranked higher than 15th in any race.

This car is now considered a collectible item that has been used for a variety of reasons. Some have turned it to be a car that can hop down the street, some have added more power for impressive speed and performance, and some have simply kept these cars in great shape to take them out for a drive a few times a year. If you’re looking for a classic Chrysler that was shaped right and impressive for the drive, this is one of those cars.

Chrysler LeBaron Convertible

You might see a few of these cars still riding around town. The Chrysler LeBaron Convertible is a car that showed up in 1987 and lasted until 1995 to be a smooth, attractive, aerodynamic, and impressive car that you can drive. This was one of the most popular cars offered at the local Chrysler dealer when it was part of the market. Just imagine driving around in a smooth convertible car with the top down on an open area of country road.

The LeBaron did not make it to NASCAR, but it was part of the ARCA racing circuit where it won a series of races from 1988 to 1998 with many models that were built by many different racing teams. This car was replaced later by the Cirrus, but this is a car that you can still see on the road by owners who have enjoyed keeping this car going for a long time.

Chrysler Newport

For 21 years, the Newport name was one of the most attractive and dynamic names in the market. This was a Chrysler coupe that could be had as a convertible to give you that top-down feeling that you wanted to enjoy. The round headlights in the front protrude from the face with a menacing glow, while the body-colored vinyl seats were used for many celebrities to give them a gorgeous place for a drive.

The Newport was more than a glamor convertible; this car was offered as a sedan, hardtop, and station wagon as well. This car was one of the most popular used in the market, and it was far cheaper than other models while still giving owners the smooth drive they could admire every day. The Newport became a car that more families and singles enjoyed than any other Chrysler that was in the market from 1960-1981.

Chrysler Windsor

When it arrived in the market in 1939, the Windsor was the junior model to the venerable New Yorker. After the production stoppage during WWII, the Windsor returned to the market in 1946 to give us a car that was one of the most profitable for this brand. The original version gave us a classic 1930s and 1940s shape that was sought after for many years. The Windsor had a ton of chrome to give it that big and heavy look that we saw in many cars from this time.
Unfortunately, by 1961, it was time for this company to move on from the Windsor so that this car could retire on a high note and be a car that we loved when it was in its heyday. You might see a few of these cars at classic car shows where owners can show off the hood ornaments, the smooth body lines, and the massive steel build of this amazing classic car.

Chrysler New Yorker

If you think of pure comfort and luxury from the Chrysler name, you immediately think of the New Yorker. This is a car that survived WWII, it lasted 56 years in the market, and it came in different shapes, but that shape seems to always have been of a large land yacht that could be almost called a limousine. The classic harmonica grill is something that we’ve admired for a long time, giving this car the front fascia that we have loved.

There were many years of the Chrysler New Yorker being a bestseller and some years where it sold poorly, but this was a car that withstood all of the ups and downs for more than fifty years. Today, some of these cars are still driving around as models that have been used by tuners, transformed into executive sedans, and taken to classic car shows to give us a car that we love to admire as one of the biggest classic models in the market.

Your Chrysler Dealer has Something Different

While these five cars are without a doubt some of the most impressive classic models that came from this brand, they have carried the name for a long time. Today, you’ll find a pair of minivans and a full-size sedan when you see the team at your nearby Chrysler dealer. You can remember that the vehicles you can drive today have a strong heritage that is found in these five cars and others that have worn the Chrysler name over the years.


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