Don’t Buy New – Shop Used Trucks

When you finally decide to pull the trigger on buying a truck, it might be tempting to look at brand-new models. While there’s nothing quite like the look of a new pickup, the price tag alone can be enough to crush your excitement.

New trucks are not cheap. More importantly, used trucks for sale offer a variety of perks that are hard to find on a new pickup.

Here’s why you should consider shopping for used trucks for sale when it’s time to bring your next pickup home.

Extreme Durability

It used to be that a truck with 100,000 miles on it was way past its prime. You’d only consider buying one of these if you needed a beater and didn’t want to spend a lot of money. Modern trucks are meant to handle your everyday needs: commuting, towing, hauling, going off-road, and more.

It’s not uncommon for a vehicle like the Chevy Silverado to rack up over 200,000 miles and keep on ticking. That means you can explore used trucks for sale with confidence that they’ll keep going, even if someone else already drove it around the block a few times.

More Information

When a brand new truck comes out, every automotive blog and dealership tries to tell you what to expect from the fresh ride. The reality is that these “reviews” are mostly just guesses. Until a truck has been on the road for a few years, it’s hard to know what to expect.

A used truck for sale already has tons of data available on it. For starters, you can get a copy of the truck’s vehicle history report for a detailed story on the model you’re considering buying. You can also read plenty of real reviews from people who have put that model to the test. You’ll know about any recalls, problems, or successes that might impact your decision.

Better Price

There’s no hiding the fact that new trucks depreciate rather quickly. These pickups lose a good portion of value almost immediately after your leave the sales lot. Pre-owned trucks retain their value longer and come at a discounted price.

Saving money on your next truck means you can explore higher-level trims, various upgrade packages, and more. Your budget might leave you limited on a new model. A used truck purchase means there’s nothing holding you back from the model you desire.

Plenty of Features

Some people like to have the newest trucks in order to brag about having the newest tech and features. While there are new innovations every once in a while, the reality is that you’re not necessarily missing out.

Features like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, heated seats, and LED headlights have been out for years. Most driver-assist safety systems have also been available for a while. More importantly, if there is a brand new feature, it’s typically reserved for the highest-level trim and might not fit into your budget anyway.

Before you decide to confine yourself to a more-expensive truck, consider all of the benefits and perks of exploring used trucks for sale. You won’t be disappointed unless you dislike getting more value for your dollar.

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