You Won’t Save on Gas Even Taking Uber and Lyft

As soon as Russia invaded Ukraine gas prices around the world rose. Many people turned to Uber and Lyft to save on rides to no avail.

Even though you know that you’ll pay a higher price to take rideshare than you would if you simply drive yourself, it’s a mental thing to think you’re saving on gas. Unless you already depend on these programs to get you where you need to go, you’re not saving anything at all by visiting your app and ordering a ride.

Both Companies Pay Drivers a Little More

Drivers that depend on lower fuel prices and their efficient vehicles to carry passengers and food to their destination felt a huge hit when the gas prices rose. It seemed that since Russia invaded Ukraine the price of gas increased daily. Thankfully, for at least the past week, this price has leveled off. Those drivers using electric vehicles are likely laughing at their gasoline-using counterparts, but the situation isn’t funny at all. Thankfully, both companies are adding a surcharge to each ride or delivery that is passed on to the driver to offset the cost of fuel which has gotten out of control.

Why Aren’t you Saving Gas Using These Services?

If you normally drive yourself to work every day and suddenly begin to use Uber or Lyft to take you there, you’ll spend more for these services than for the gas you put in your tank. If you fill your tank once a week and consider the price of gas which increased nearly $1.00 per gallon, you’ll spend between $12.00 and $35.00 more per tank of gas. It won’t take more than a couple of rides in a vehicle from one of these ride-sharing companies before you reach a higher dip in your pocket than the added price of gas.

What Can You Do to Save Gas?

Instead of ordering a ride from one of the companies that seem to replace taxis, you can create an office carpool. By taking turns driving three or four coworkers to your job, you’ll save on gas in the long run. If you have a four-person carpool, you’ll cut your fuel costs by three quarters, making it easy to save a bit on gas during the increased fuel prices that we see at the pumps these days.

Perform Proper Maintenance on Your Vehicle

If it’s been a while since you last had your tires inflated, your oil changed, or your air filter replaced, you’ll want to do these things or have them done. Proper maintenance directly impacts the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and helps you have an easier way of saving fuel. Check the air in your tires to ensure they are at the proper inflation level. This is one of the most important items to check. This will save you a lot of money over taking an Uber or Lyft to where you need to go.

Plan your Trips More Efficiently

How often do you run out to the store several times a day and don’t think about the cost of gas or how many trips you’re making? With fuel costs at the level they’ve reached, you need to plan your trips more efficiently. If you’re going out, try and get everything done in one trip instead of going out several different times. If you need to give other people rides, take them with you, whether they want to go or not. This will help you drive a little less and save fuel at the same time.

Drive More Conservatively

If you normally hit the accelerator hard from a stoplight or you brake hard when coming to a stop, you need to change your habits. Accelerate slowly to the speed you want to reach, drive at moderate speeds, and take your foot off the gas much earlier when approaching a stop. These changes might make you feel like you’re driving in a boring way, but boring will save gas and give you the fuel savings you’re looking for instead of hailing an Uber or Lyft to take you where you need to go.

Traveling Lighter Helps you Save Gas

When you have to drive yourself to work every day, you want to have as little in the vehicle as you can. If you put some sandbags in the trunk to help with traction during the winter, it’s time to take them out and put them in the garage. The heavier loads you take with you, the more drag you create, which lessens your fuel mileage. Unload your vehicle as soon as you get home so that you don’t take any unnecessary weight with you when you take your next drive.

Improve the Aerodynamics of Your Car

You don’t have to make physical modifications to your vehicle to maximize the aerodynamics. Opening windows and the moonroof cut down on the aerodynamics of your vehicle. This is fine during your ride around town at low speeds, but when you’re out on the highway, you need to close these items and turn on the air conditioning. This will help you save fuel during your drive. Of course, if you can drive without the air conditioning running you can save even more fuel, but the most important part of this tip is to close the windows instead of ordering an Uber or Lyft.

Turn on the Engine Stop Function

Some people find the engine start/stop function annoying and turn this feature off when they drive. This means when the vehicle is stopped at a light or sign the engine continues to run and burn fuel. One way to save fuel is to cut down on the amount of fuel you use during idling, which you can reduce to zero by allowing the engine start/stop function to operate. It might feel odd to you when you feel the engine stop at a light or sign, but it’s important to remember you’re saving fuel.

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