Hyundai Combines Past and Present With New EV

It seems like everything is getting a reboot these days, from remakes of old TV shows and movies to remixes of our favorite songs. One of the more exciting reboots coming our way is a Hyundai EV based on an iconic 1980s model called the Grandeur. This car may look like it belongs in 1986 on the outside, but it’s all future everywhere else.

A Glimpse Into The Future

The original Hyundai Grandeur was a front-wheel-drive sedan that was in production from 1986 to 1996. It was a popular car but eventually evolved into other models and disappeared from production only after a decade on the road.

Hyundai recently released a Heritage Series Grandeur EV concept car that calls back to this classic 80s car’s aesthetic. Instead of going with a futuristic, almost alien look like other electric car manufacturers, this Hyundai EV is a callback to the past.

While this throwback EV is still just a concept car and may not make it into full production, it’s fun to see the possibilities.

What To Expect

Concept cars almost always go through several significant changes before they go into production. That being said, there are some pretty cool things on the concept version of this vehicle that are worth nothing.

Electric Powertrain

Current rumors suggest that the Grandeur EV will launch as an AWD sedan with two motors, which should be loaded with 270 kWh of combined power. Based on current trends, the 87.2 kWh battery should deliver between 250 and 280 miles of driving range.


Outside, you should expect to see what mostly looks like a traditional sedan: flat roofline, straight beltline, vertical rear quarter glass, etc. To add some luxury to this design, Hyundai is going with flush-fitting electric door handles and 20-inch wheels. The rear-end is expected to have a minimalistic design that provides a sophisticated look.



Inside, this Hyundai EV will pay homage to the original Grandeur’s three-spoke steering wheel, but it will add touch controls and backlighting. There are a few other additions that make this truly a modern version of a classic sedan, mainly revolving around three large screens.

The Grandeur EV will come with a large digital instrument cluster and a touchscreen infotainment center. Instead of being angled towards the driver as you see in other EVs, these screens will be housed in a single black panel in an upright position. A third large screen is positioned near the center console and will offer touch controls for things like climate control and seat adjustments.

Hyundai claims that this EV will offer all of the features available on premium Hyundais, like the Palisade. That means you can expect a premium Harmon Kardon sound system, temperature-controlled cup holders, a head-up display, tri-zone climate control, driver-assist features, and more.

The Past Meets The Future Today

It’s always fun to see which concept cars actually make it into production. While the Grandeur may not be everyone’s first choice of a classic car to make into a modern marvel, it’s certainly one that will gain attention. If nothing else. It’s great to see where Hyundai is going with its new lineup of EVs.

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