Car Accessories Every Pet Owner Must Have

If you want to travel with your furry friend, you’ll want to invest in some of these car pet accessories that give you something special for your dog.

Whether you’re looking for a great way to keep your dog safe and secure during the ride, want to separate the pet and people areas, or you need a way to clean up after the ride is over, you’ll be glad to have some of these items and put them to work to make your vehicle look and feel right when out on the road.

A Dog Car Seat Belt is a Must

The dog car seat belt you find should clip right into the seat belt buckle in your car. The other end attaches to the dog’s harness to keep them safe and secure during a ride. You can still give your pet access to put their head out the window, but this device will help keep them from injury in the event of a crash. This is the most important item you can buy when you want to take your dog out on the roads with you.

Keep the Hair at Bay with a Seat Cover

There are many varieties of seat covers you can use to keep your dog and their hair in one place. This is one of the most useful car pet accessories you can buy. With the right cover/hammock in your vehicle, your dog has their own cover and a special area in the rear seat which is also where the hair they shed will remain. If you go hiking with your furry friend, you’ll be glad to let the seat cover catch all the dirt and grime during your drive back home.

You need Bowls to Feed Your Pet

You might want to take your doggie on a camping trip, but you don’t want to bring along the ceramic bowl you have at home. Purchase a collapsible dog travel bowl and clip it to your backpack or their harness while hiking to your camping location for the night. This little bowl is great for outdoor activities, but you can leave it in your car to offer access to food and water whenever needed. Just fold it down and put it in the glove box.

A Travel Crate is Excellent for Short Trips

If you’ve got a small dog, a soft dog travel crate can be the perfect way to get them to the vet when sick or take them out on the road with you. There are some larger models for large dogs, and if you have your pet crate trained, they might like this item for the time in the car. This could be one of the best car pet accessories for you and your dog to enjoy time away from home together.

Use a Harness in the Car

When you purchase the dog car seat belt, you need to have a harness to attach it. Some seat belts come with harnesses, and some harnesses come with seat belts. It’s not safe to attach the dog seat belt to the collar because your pet could get choked. Instead, purchase a harness and attach the seat belt to give your furry friend the easiest way to stay safe and secure with you on the road.

Put a Bed in the back Seat

Do you have a dog that loves their bed at home? If so, you can put a dog car bed in the back seat and let your friend have their own space. This could be the perfect companion item to the car seat cover. When you’re looking for the best car pet accessories, you know you’ve found something special when you give your companion the most comfortable place to sit and enjoy the drive. Give them a great seat where they can enjoy the ride with you.

Small Dogs Could Enjoy the Car Booster Seat

This little seat hangs on the back of the front seat, secured by the headrest. This is the perfect item for small dogs to sit in a basket and ride along comfortably. These seats come with restraints to keep your pup comfortable and secure while riding along in the car. Let your little dog enjoy the view out the window they wouldn’t have if they were sitting on the seat instead of in this basket-like device.

Bring a Portable Dog Travel Bottle

Whether you’re going for a hike or you just need to provide your dog with some water because you’ll be away from home for a few hours, this item is great. A portable water bottle that has a bowl-like area for the water to come down and allow your pet to lick it out is an excellent item. This could be one of the best car pet accessories for your time away from home with your furry friend, along for some fun times together.

Bring Some Toys; Your Doggie Will Love Them

If your buddy has some toys they love to play with, bring them along for the ride. This is a great way to ensure a dog that has a little anxiety or chews on things will stay calmer and chew on their toy instead of the seats or seatbelts of your car. When you bring along items from home, your pet can feel more at ease and enjoy the ride instead of being an anxious mess the entire time.

Bring Along a Dog Cooling Mat on Hot Days

It can get hot in your car, even if you have the windows open. Help your four-legged friend stay cooler with a dog cooling mat. This item can be put in the backseat and give your pet a place they can cool down and feel comfortable. This could be an important car pet accessory that will give your friend the comfort desired and a more enjoyable ride. This could be the place they want to go when you’re done with a hike in the wilderness.

Which of these car pet accessories will be in your car? With so many good ideas, your dog will feel safe, secure, and comfortable while out on the road with you.

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