Are You For Wheel? The Craziest Jeep Wheels in the Market

Jeep is well-known as a brand that handles the unpaved world, but what happens when some crazy wheels end up on a Jeep? Nothing good, that’s for certain.

Some of the strangest wheels ever shown on Jeep models would certainly take away from the ability for the vehicle to handle the off-road adventures you want to enjoy. Even so, some of the crazy shoes give the Jeeps the show-stopping looks desired to make people stop and stare. Why else would anyone put something on their off-road SUV that takes away from its intended purpose; to dominate the wilderness?

Blue Wrangler

Aren’t We Passed the Wagon Days?

If you want to take away the utilitarian nature of a Jeep Wrangler, simply put some shoes on it that don’t belong. Someone put a set of wheels on a Wrangler that takes us back to the days of horses pulling carriages. Maybe it’s the fact that the wheels are painted in carrot orange and cotton-candy blue that makes these wheels seem like they belong on a wagon. Either way, these are not the wheels you expect to find on one of the most off-road-ready machines in the industry.

Tan Cherokee

Not the Carolina Lean for a Jeep

The Carolina Lean is a phenomenon in which vehicles sit higher in the front than in the rear. Someone took a bit of a departure from the vehicle lean to put larger front wheels on a Jeep Cherokee than what is on the rear. For the most part, these wheels do nothing to add any style or personality to the Cherokee and only make us feel sorry for the Jeep that has to wear them. There should be a sign warning others not to do the same thing.

Black Wrangler

Is This Jeep as Fast as Lightning?

Most likely, the answer is “no,” it’s not faster at all. This driver added a set of chrome wheels with lightning bolts in the center that look pretty cool but don’t add any function to the Wrangler that wears them. One of the most important aspects of a Wrangler is the thickness of the rubber which can be deflated for off-road driving. There isn’t enough rubber on these wheels to deflate them for any purpose.

Blue Grand Cherokee

Are Those Flying Saucers Where the Wheels Should Be?

Just because the large chrome rims match the door handles doesn’t mean this was a good idea. These wheels are massive and look like they should be hovering above us, searching for intelligent life. Of course, if they were part of a flying saucer searching for intelligence, flying above this Jeep with those insanely stupid wheels would prove a lack of intelligence. Maybe these wheels are part of why we haven’t seen too many space aliens arrive in our world.

Teal Wrangler

Not Much Rubber, but Nice Rims

Even though these rims are attractive five-spoke chrome models, they don’t belong on a Jeep Wrangler. In fact, they barely belong in the automotive market, but certainly not on an off-road machine. These are some of the tamest wheels on this list, but they are on the wrong Jeep. The big issue is the lack of rubber to make the wheels work. How would you know if you had a flat tire when driving this Jeep with those massive wheels?

Purple Wrangler

Purple Power to the Rescue

You can see what the owner was thinking with this Jeep. It’s a purple vehicle, and they added purple rims that are pushed out and make it look mean. Of all the Jeep wheels we’ve looked at so far, this set is probably the most acceptable. You can see plenty of rubber for some fun in the sand, but you won’t want to get this Jeep, or those rims dinged up, which takes away any real off-roading fun. Even so, this Jeep looks pretty good, especially if you happen to like purple.

Dropped Grand Wagoneer

Why Did They Do That to the Grand Wagoneer

Thankfully, this isn’t a modern Grand Wagoneer that has been lowered and has to wear embarrassing rims. The Grand Wagoneer we see is an original model with some cool paint and chrome. Even though the wheels almost finish the look, it would be a lot more enjoyable to see if it were wearing wheels that made sense for driving. These rims look like they are touching the ground and missing any rubber at all.

Red and Gold Wrangler

The Glamour of Gold is Lost on this Jeep

The Jeep Wrangler isn’t a vehicle made to shine brightly on a stage, it’s supposed to be covered in mud while tearing up the forest. This candy-apple red Wrangler is wearing massive gold wheels that look absolutely ridiculous. The only person that would look right driving this massive blinged-out monster is Mister T, and he might not like the lack of rubber around the rims. They went too far this time, and these wheels need to come off this Jeep to let it go out on the trails to do what it was made for.

Dropped Wagoneer

For God’s Sake, Stop Dropping the Wagoneer

The original Jeep Wagoneer was an almost perfect vehicle for driving a family to the campground, even if there weren’t any paved paths to the destination. This Jeep Wagoneer can’t do that because someone dropped it to the ground. The wheels are something else to talk about and look like they came off of a classic sedan that was likely around before the Wagoneer. Toss in the fact that we don’t see the headlights behind the grille, and you’ve got one ridiculous Jeep.

Are You For Wheel? The Craziest Jeep Wheels in the Market

Oh, That Poor Willys Jeep

Why oh why did someone take an original Willys body and make it into a hot rod? Don’t they know this vehicle was borne out of a need for World War II and that wheelbase is an important part of it? No, instead, they stretched this thing and pushed the wheels way out in front and behind the entire body of the vehicle to make a stupid-looking something we can’t even describe. Whatever is going on here, it’s all wrong.

There you go, ten of the worst Jeep models with terrible wheels that we’ve seen. Have you seen anything like these Jeeps where you live?

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