10 Things To Keep In Your Car

Are there some things you should keep in your car? Absolutely. These items could help you get out of a jam or make sure you have what you need.

You don’t need to fill your trunk with tons of junk that only weighs down the car and decreases your fuel mileage, but a few necessities will keep you rolling and make sure you can get avoid a catastrophe out on the road. Some might say you need more items, but we’re going to give you the ten you should have; call them your car ten essentials, if you will.

1. A Much Better Lug Wrench

If you are a lucky person and have a spare tire in your car, the spare tire kit comes with only the most basic tools. It could take you a long time to get the lug nuts off of a flat tire if the wrench is too small. Buy a larger lug wrench and keep it in the same areas under the trunk where you keep the spare tire. If you have a truck or SUV with a drop-down spare, keep the extra lug wrench inside the vehicle.

2. A Flashlight and Extra Batteries Can Come in Handy

You never get a flat or break down right in front of a repair shop during office hours. These things happen to us when we’re miles away from everything and at night. One of the items you should keep in your car is a flashlight. A set of extra batteries can come in handy as well. If you think you’ll rely on your cell phone for a flashlight, you might not have enough charge when the time comes to deal with a broken-down vehicle.

3. You’ve Got to Have a Set of Jumper Cables

The worst feeling you can have is when you hear that click, click, click sound, and know your battery is dead and you don’t have any jumper cables. This is an essential tool and one that makes it much easier for you to get your battery recharged from another vehicle. If you’ve got cables, you won’t get left stranded for long; all you need is another person willing to wait a few minutes to get your battery recharged.

4. A Tire Pressure Gauge is Good for Your Regular Maintenance

A tire pressure gauge won’t do you much good in an emergency, but it’s essential when you check your tires on a monthly basis. This is a little tool that tells you how much air pressure is in your tires. Many of the air stations at convenience stores have these gauges built into them, but they aren’t always reliable. You’ll want to have a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle so that you can check the pressure and know how inflated your tires are.

5. You Want to Have a Can of WD-40 In Your Car

One of the things you need in your car is a can of WD-40. This is the perfect lubricant to help loosen those tough lug nuts when you’re stuck with a flat tire. This product is also a good cleaner in some cases, but in your car, it’s probably best used for the lug nuts. Put a can in the same place as your spare tire kit, and it will be there when you need it.

6. Duct Tape Can Come in Handy

If you need it to stay in place, duct tape is the right tool for the job. While not a long-term solution to any car repair, if you need to keep your side-view mirror attached or tape down a fender until you can get these items fixed, the best solution can be duct tape. This stuff works like magic and helps you keep things put together properly.

7. Cleaning Wipes Are an Extremely Important Item

While you don’t think of wipes being a car item, they can come in extremely handy. These items help you keep things clean, especially if you’ve just finished eating during your drive. Cleansing wipes are one of the things you need to keep in your car so that you can avoid getting things messy or sticky during your drive. If you like your car, you’ll want to keep it looking great, which means periodically cleaning the steering wheel and other touchable items with these wipes.

8. Non-Perishable Snacks Could be Great

Have a bag in your car with a few emergency items that are necessary in case you get stuck for several hours. In this bag, you need some non-perishable snacks that won’t melt or disintegrate when they get hot. This could mean having a few bags of nuts, some pretzels, or some containers of chips in this bag. Of course, you also need to have some water to stay hydrated while you wait for help that will come to assist you in your time of need.

9. Turn Your Plastic Shopping Bags into Your Car Trash Bags

Another way to keep things clean during your drive is to have a place to put your garbage while you’re on the road. A few of the plastic shopping bags from your last grocery trip to the store are all you need. These bags are perfect for your garbage and will give you the place you need to put your trash while out on the road. This way, you don’t have to buy special car trash bags, and you’re reusing an item you might not otherwise use.

10. The Windshield Sunshade is More Useful than You Might Think

A sunshade is a great way to reflect the sun that’s beating down on your car during the day. Your car can stay a bit cooler with one of these items on your windshield while you’re at work. This is one of the items you should keep in your car for some privacy as well. If you want to take a nap, all you’ve got to do is crack open the window and put the sunshade in place to have a cozy place for some rest.

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