The 10 Craziest Speeding Tickets Ever Issued

Speed kills, but speeding is also a whole lot of fun. Among the thousands of speeding tickets issued every year, these are some of the craziest.

While it’s annoying to watch other drivers slow down just because they see a police officer, all of us want to avoid a citation for speeding. Your don’t often budget speeding and paying fines into your monthly income and hate when the insurance rates rise because of the tickets you got. With that in mind, there have been some incredibly insane tickets issued, and we have ten of them for you to enjoy.

A Two-in-One that Adds Up to an Insane Figure

How much do you expect to pay for speeding tickets? Typically, in America, these tickets are capped or have a set fine level. That’s not the case in Finland. In this country, the fine is directly proportionate to your income. In March 2013, Anders Wiklof was caught going 16 mph over the speed limit and fined $130,000 for this infraction. A few years later, he was once again going over the speed limit in Finland and fined $70,000. That means he paid $200,000 for two speeding tickets.

Make Sure You’re Right Before Challenging Authorities

While not quite at the level of Anders Wiklof, Mr. David Pickup was clocked doing 101 mph in his Audi R8 and received a ticket for this infraction. He could have paid the ticket, which wasn’t even close to the final cost, but challenged authorities in court. The prosecution hired a runway, and an Audi R8, and these costs turned the ticket into one of the craziest speeding tickets ever when the cost rose to $17,400.

Here Comes Finland Into the Mix Again

What happens when you drive a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen over the prescribed speed limit in Finland? The same thing that happens with any other car. Finland doesn’t play, as Rasmus Ristolainen found out when he drove his G-Wagen at 25 mph over the prescribed speed limit. As a professional hockey player, he might be able to afford such a ticket, but $135,000 is a lot for anyone. Of course, because fines are income-based, this was a fine that most people wouldn’t receive; but 25 mph over is still pretty reckless.

80 MPH Translates to a Massive Fine

If you drive 80 mph on roads with a 70 mph speed limit in the United States it’s unlikely, you’ll receive a ticket or fine. In fact, you might need to be in the slow lane. That wasn’t the case for a young man driving a Ferrari Testarossa through a village at this speed. He learned that he was over the assigned speed limit for that stretch of road by more than 10 mph, but the cost of his fine was incredible. This was one of the craziest speeding tickets ever issued, costing the driver $300,000.

The Speed Cameras Get You Every Time

A young businessman visiting Dubai decided to have some fun and must have been completely unaware of the speed cameras throughout the city. While driving a rented Lamborghini Huracan, he trigged the speed cameras 33 times in the space of 4 hours. This translated to a total of $48,000 in fines which was a crazy amount. He was able to leave the country without paying, which created a mess for the rental car company.

Even Motorcycles Can Get Some of the Craziest Speeding Tickets

You don’t have to go at high rates of speed to get some of the most expensive tickets. In some cases, it’s the number of miles over the speed limit and the percentage that you’ve exceeded this speed that brings the extraordinary fines. A 44-year-old man learned this the hard way when riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle at 47 mph in a 30 mph zone. This speed translated to a ticket of $103,000 because it was, once again, income-based.

Stop Speeding in Finland; This Should be a Lesson to Us All

The third such ticket on this list belongs to Jussi Salonoja, who is part of one of the richest families in Finland. This meant that receiving a ticket translated to $217,000 in fines for the speeder. He was driving at nearly twice the legal speed limit, which seems crazy considering he lives in the country. Don’t you hate it when the kids are careless with your money? Certainly, Jussi’s father wasn’t happy about this speeding ticket.

It Doesn’t Take Much in Finland

Because Finland uses an income-based system for its speeding ticket, we see this country on the list of the craziest speeding tickets several times. In March 2015, a wealthy Finnish man was pulled over for driving 60 mph in a 50 mph zone, which led to a speeding ticket of $59,000. Could you even imagine being pulled over for going 10 mph over the limit in the United States? It happens but doesn’t happen often. Finland doesn’t play.

Apparently, This Driver Just Doesn’t Care

If you love driving fast on the same stretch of road, you could rack up a lot of tickets. This happened to Marius Balan, who drove his BMW over the same road and racked up 150 pounds on his license. Additionally, he was fined $18,300 for triggering the speed cameras on the same road 30 times over a five-month period. There are dumb people, and there are those that simply don’t care. You might think he would have figured out there were cameras on that road after a couple of the tickets arrived in the mail.

And the Winner/Loser of the Craziest Speeding Tickets is…

In August 2010, a Swedish millionaire received the top ticket on our list. He was driving along in his Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG at an insane 180 mph, which translated to a massive fine in Switzerland. This is another country that doesn’t mess around and uses an income-based fining system. This meant the Swedish millionaire was fined $1,001,400, which is a ticket record that stands to this day.

While you might think your tickets are expensive and unfair, it’s highly unlikely you’ve ever had to pay the amounts of some of the craziest speeding tickets ever issued.

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