Is Genesis Getting Cooler With the X Convertible Concept?

The latest version of the Genesis X Convertible is the third version of this stunning concept vehicle. It’s not likely ever to be a production model.

The Los Angeles Auto Show is where we see many new cars and this Genesis convertible is one of them. Actually, the brand revealed this new, sleek, and luxurious convertible ahead of the show to give us a look at their design prowess. Although this car is not likely to ever hit the market as a production car, it’s an impressive vehicle with amazing design and elegance, making it a car that we wish would be on the production line.

The First X Hit the Show in 2021

The 2023 Genesis X concept gave us a look at the impressive design language being used by the brand. This car was the first of the X models, and it showed us what could be. Next, the X Speedium Coupe concept brought a long, graceful roofline and new lights to indicate this car was an EV. The latest version of the new X Convertible, which drops the top and the mike when it comes to amazing style, elegance, and modern qualities.

What Could Be from the Genesis Brand?

Should Genesis build the X Convertible concept as a production car? This concept shows off with incredible lines, strong proportions, and a gorgeous design. If you want to see a car with a real cockpit that surrounds the driver, this is that car. This concept has a long wheelbase and a short front overhang. This means you’ve got a long hood, which is the ideal grand touring car style. The headlights are unique, with a large triangular shape over the area where a grille would have been. This lighting shape carries over from the X Speedium model.

Looking to the rear, we find a convertible folding hardtop roof, which means when the top is up, this car is still stunning with a hard top that is made of integrated transparent panels. The rear end finishes off the nearly perfect style of this car with a ducktail spoiler. It’s really difficult to argue with how gorgeous this car is; expect to demand that Genesis put this concept into production to give the world a real luxury sports car from this brand.

More About the Interior

Yes, the driver’s area surrounds you in a real cockpit fashion, making it easy to reach and find all of the controls you need. This interior carries over from the previous two Genesis X concept models to be an impressive and gorgeous place for you to enjoy a drive. The digital dashboard and infotainment screen share an L-shaped piece of glass that angles toward the driver to make them look like a combined and large screen.

The new Genesis X Convertible concept offers wool fabric in the cabin, which is recyclable. The seats are wrapped in leather, giving an impressive look to the interior materials. The interior colors come from traditional Korean roof architecture, which makes it look familiar. Most roofs in the country have the colors of Giwa Navy and Dancheong Orange on them, giving the blue and orange appearance across most of them. Giwa is the traditional roof tiles, and Dangcheong, the colorings on many buildings, giving the country some impressive colors to admire and enjoy.

The New Genesis Concept is an EV

Similar to the previous models, the new Genesis X Convertible concept is an electric vehicle, and it offers the same electric powertrain as the previous two X concept models. The Convertible has two doors and four seats, but those rear seats are a bit cramped, similar to what you find in many sports cars. This new appealing design should be put into production but might never become a reality. What we can hope for is that this car offers some inspiration to deliver amazing style on some of the sedans and SUVs already part of the Genesis lineup.

Hopefully, this new concept is a sign of things to come from the Genesis brand. As this Korean brand transitions into the EV market, could they build a sporty grand touring convertible powered by electricity that might rival some of the sportiest models from German luxury brands?

What Does Genesis Currently Offer

If you’re unfamiliar with the Genesis brand, here’s a little glimpse into what they bring to the market:

Genesis G70

The G70 is a compact luxury sports car that offers dynamic handling, impressive driving qualities, and plenty of power During its first year in the market, the G70 was racking up awards in an unprecedented manner.

Genesis G80

What used to be the Hyundai Genesis is now the Genesis G80. This midsize sedan is elegant, attractive, and filled with impressive luxury qualities that make it an easy car to drive. If you want to drive the car that started it all, the G80 is what you’ll enjoy.

Genesis G90

The Genesis G90 is a full-size luxury sedan that now flies the sedan flag for this brand. This car also came from the Hyundai lineup and used to be the Equus sedan. The G90 is much more elegant and sophisticated than its predecessor ever was, offering excellent style and presence on the road.

Of these three sedans, the G90 is the car that hits the executive notes the right way, while the G80 offers excellent style and performance, and the G70 is pure fun out on any road.

Genesis GV60

The Genesis GV60 is the very first of the all-electric Genesis models, and it does bring a tiny bit of the new Genesis X Convertible concept style to the market. This new all-electric SUV offers a maximum driving range of 248 miles and an impressive warranty. This is also the first Genesis model made in the United States.

Genesis GV70

When you want a compact crossover SUV with tons of luxury qualities, the Genesis GV70 is the right choice for you. This is an SUV that brings the qualities desired of a small SUV while delivering on the luxury name you admire.

Genesis GV80

If you want to see a big, bold Genesis SUV, the GV80 is the right model for you. This impressive luxury SUV gives you a full slate of upscale treatments to remind you that your family is worth the price of admission in this elegant and sophisticated vehicle.

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