The Best Ford Trucks Ever Made

Ford has gained quite a reputation over the years – the trucks they create are the most powerful, capable, and even luxurious models. But new doesn’t always mean better, and it definitely doesn’t always mean affordable. So what Ford trucks are the best, and where can you find them?

Classic Ford Trucks That You Can Buy Used Right Now

Ford F-Series trucks have been America’s most popular pickups for 46 consecutive years. Here, we’ll discuss some of the best Ford trucks ever made, from their new electric Lightning to a used Ford F-250.

2017 Ford F-450 Super Duty Platinum

Technically, the Ford F-450 started getting a Platinum Package in 2013 – it wasn’t until 2017 that the Platinum became a separate trim for Super Duty vehicles like the 250, 350, and 450. The Platinum trim, the highest trim level of Fords other than Limited, gives the super-powerful towing workhorse F-450 the smooth style and comfortable cabin it deserves.

the best ford trucks ever made - f-450

Whether you want to tow over 30,000 pounds with a truck that just won’t stop or make a name for yourself around town with the biggest, fanciest truck around, a used F-450 Platinum can do it all. And you can find one for a much more reasonable price the further back you go – maybe you’ll get lucky and find a 2014 model with the Platinum package!

1999 Ford F-250

Before the Ford Super Duty, there were simply F-250, 350, and 450 models. The used Ford F-250 that we’re discussing here was only made from 1990 to 1999, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t one of the greatest trucks Ford made.

the best ford trucks ever made - f-250

First, it was the first big truck series that expanded Ford’s line after the F-150 became popular. Second, the 1999 F-250 had the newest safety and technology features and a better-tuned engine than any previous model. It had a four-door option and a completely overhauled feature option list.

And it still works well today for hauling and taking around town, according to reviews from customers who’ve found one of their own.

2021 Ford F-150 Lightning

Did you know there was a Ford Lightning series back in the 1990s? It was called the SVT Lightning and had a lot of power and the kind of handling that a sportscar dreams of. It had nothing on the Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck that took on the same name in 2021.

the best ford trucks ever made - f-150 lightning

Ford combined their amazing reliability and power with brand new technology—the electric battery that acts as a vehicle motor. They created a more powerful, eco-friendly vehicle that could still drive far and haul heavy. While it’s not exactly a classic, the F-150 Lightning is certainly one of the best trucks Ford has made to date.

Separating the Good Ford Trucks From the Great

It’s not easy to narrow down the best Ford trucks throughout the company’s long history, but checking out a used Ford Lightning EV, the Ford F-450 Platinum trim, or the original used Ford F-250 is a good start.

If you love Ford trucks and saving money, don’t hesitate to check out these trucks or find your own ideal used model!

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