2024 Avante, Korean Version of the Hyundai Elantra, Gets a Fresh Facelift

The Korean version of the Hyundai Elantra — the Hyundai Avante —gets a refreshing redesign
as detailed in the new gallery release issued by the automaker earlier this month. At first glance,
the Avante touts familiar features of the Elantra, but there are plenty of enhancements, tune-
ups, and touch-ups that distinguish the Avante as a respectably built sedan. Designed
specifically for Korean markets, you won’t find this redesign offered at your local Hyundai dealer
anytime soon. However, the 2024 US Elantra models will likely offer many of these same great

Avante Sees Sleek and Stylish Body

The 2024 Hyundai Avante features a really sleek and slimmed-down body style. The brunt of
The styling revisions are on the front and you can see this with a grill that is noticeably slimmed
down. Cradling the grill are narrow headlights that seemingly disappear into the design when
not in use. Unlike other Hyundai models that have a full-width LED treatment on the front, the
Avante ditches this and instead opt for a subtly eye-catching chrome piece that nicely
accentuates the grill.

Taking a look at the rear, you’ll see additional changes that help to define the 2024 model year.
The rear has a lot more going on than other Hyundai sedans with a majority of the work focused
on the bumper. The rear bumper is lifted and there’s a more sporty appeal to the trunk design.
As with the front headlights, the rear tail lights take on a very narrow design and blend in nicely
to the horizontal accenting.

Throughout the rest of the body, this sedan remains largely unchanged as the side paneling
maintains that sleek look of the Elantra and its predecessors.

Cabin Upgrades

Moving into the cabin, the 2024 Avante introduces new color and material combinations but
vehicle equipment remains pretty much the same with only minimum additions. The sedan still
carries a digital dashboard with dual 10.25-in screens. In the base models, this shrinks down to
an 8-in infotainment system and a 4.2-inch digital cluster.

Other tech features drivers will find include digital keys using a smartwatch or smartphone, a
built-in dash-cam that is mounted onto the windshield, heated and ventilated front seats with
second row heated seating, climate control special functions that fight off humidity, mold, and
other bad odors, and up to eight total airbags.

For entertainment and connectivity, drivers will enjoy the premium 8-speaker Bose audio
system, a wireless charging pad, and smartphone integrations.

Avante models in Korean markets will be offered in three powertrain options. They include a
naturally-aspirated 1.6 Smartstream petrol engine that delivers 121 horsepower. There’s also
the LPG-burning 1.6 LPi which delivers 118 horsepower, and the popular hybrid engine that
puts out a respectable 104 horsepower.

South Korean markets have not announced whether the Avante will be offered in a sporty N
Line, but U.S. markets will certainly offer the sporty variants for the Hyundai elantra.
While the Avante will not be offered in the U.S., American drivers shouldn’t expect too much
deviation from the Korean model. Interested in the latest 2024 Hyundai Elantra? Visit your local
Hyundai dealer to learn more.

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